Who We Are

Pages of Travel was created to inspire you to pursue a life of adventure while sharing experiences from around the world.

Welcome, we’re so glad you’re here!

In fall of 2014, we had just moved to St. Louis, Missouri. Logan was starting his first year of Optometry School while Kallsy was looking for a teaching job. We both became passionate about travel after visiting Australia and Fiji together while in college and honeymooning in Jamaica. But realized that with being on a strict budget (hooray for a teacher’s salary, am I right!?), travel might be impossible. However, we didn’t let that stop us. We quickly found inventive ways to save money for travel and with multiple friends and family members asking for travel advice, Pages of Travel was born. Together we decided to share travel guides, itineraries, and tips within the United States and beyond.

We never dreamed that Pages of Travel would become more than just a hobby we enjoyed working on together. But we are thankful for the countless opportunities it has provided us and it is all due to readers like you. We enjoy expanding our creativity through our travel guides on Pages of Travel and sharing our photography on Instagram. But we also have found joy in building a community of passionate travelers.

Meet Logan

Growing up in Southeast Missouri, I was fortunate to have the Ozark Mountains and the Mississippi Delta right at my doorstep. As a kid, you’d always find my family and me on the lake wakeboarding, fishing on the river, or getting stuck in the mud with our ATVs. Needless to say, I have always loved the outdoors, especially if there’s a body of water nearby. Coming from a very diverse heritage, I love learning about new cultures and the historical sites of every place we visit. One of my most cherished memories while traveling was being able to visit Otaru, Japan, the city my grandmother was born and raised in.

After graduating from Harding University in Arkansas, Kallsy and I were married and moved to St. Louis, Missouri where I was accepted into Optometry School. Thus began four incredibly challenging years of classes, board exams, rotations, and such. Kallsy and I always enjoyed traveling together and having a knack for picking up new hobbies, I dreamed up the idea of Pages of Travel. But while I planted the seed, Kallsy was the one who made it grow, and together we helped it bloom.

At first, it was a place to share our travel stories and something we could do together with the limited time we had due to my coursework in Optometry School and the demands that Kallsy had as a teacher, but it quickly became more than that. We wanted to share more than just our stories. We know how precious time is and how travel can, at times, seem daunting. We decided to create in-depth travel guides and itineraries that others could follow, learn more about photography to share a visual take on travel, and most of all, inspire others to pursue travel while having a full-time job, a limited budget, or anything else that might prevent someone from traveling. We want to show that travel IS possible.

Meet Kallsy

The Fold in Little Rock

Growing up I spent most of my life in Des Moines, Iowa but my family was always on the move. In each place we lived, I always loved exploring these areas from every perspective and discovering the unknown. Later in life, my love for the hustle and bustle of urban cities came when I spent time in New York City working with an acting and dance program. However, my love for concrete jungles goes hand-in-hand with how much I enjoy spending time where the blacktop ends. More often than not, I prefer nothing more than going camping off the beaten path with Logan and our dog Bentley. Even though as each year goes by my back seems to hurt a little bit more after sleeping in a tent! 😉

After graduating from college with a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Logan and I moved to St. Louis, Missouri where he started Optometry School and I began my career as a teacher where I taught 3rd grade. As he stated above, he was always looking for new hobbies and our travel blog was one of those… at first. I am a relatively private person so the idea of being in front of a camera and having an “online presence” made me nervous but I adopted it after we began working on Pages of Travel as a unit. Now, Pages of Travel has become a career, one that I took on full-time in fall 2018.

From every corner of our hearts, we want to thank you for joining us on this journey.

With love, Logan & Kallsy