Our Favorite Travel Resources

Here are some of our favorite travel resources, terrific tips, and the best ways to plan your trips. Check back as we are frequently adding on to our list!

Hotels.comUseful if you are wanting to compare various hotels and price points in your destination location.

Airbnb: Far from the ordinary experience, Airbnb allows you to rent people’s homes in over 190 countries.

VRBO: Another home share site that is similar to Airbnb!

Couchsurfing: Browse millions of places to stay for very minimal cost and rather authentic experience!

JR Pass: We saved a lot of money by purchasing our Japan Rail Pass, however it all depends on your trip. Make sure you order your pass far in advance in order to get it on time.

Google MapsWe utilize Google maps for every trip we take. We love it because it also shows you train times and platforms when visiting foreign countries or U.S. cities with train/subway systems. It is also available as an app for FREE! Check out our post about our must-have travel apps for Japan here.

Turo: Ever wanted to pimp your ride? Browse unique cars for rent by local owners in the US and Canada (soon extending to other locations).

Uber: We LOVE this rideshare app as it’s more cost-efficient than a taxi and it’s available day or night. You’ll also always know the estimated cost of your ride before you go so there shouldn’t be any surprises.

Skyscanner: Skyscanner opens the doors to the many possibilities of travel, including an open search capability. No weekend plans? Enter the keyword ‘Everywhere’ and see what your next destination could hold!

cleverlayover: Combine your airline tickets with non-partner airlines to save money and even find a cool location to have a long layover if you aren’t on a strict schedule. When we flew to Australia we had a 30hr layover in Fiji!

TripAdvisor: We swear by TripAdvisor for advice on restaurants, hotels, sightseeing suggestions, and so much more. TripAdvisor will also compare the prices of different hotels, flights, and vacation rentals while you are looking up the opinions of other travelers. If you’re looking for a “one-stop-shop” on travel ideas look no further!

Rome2Rio: This site quickly identifies route options (air, car, bus, etc) and allows you to easily compare costs, time, and ease of access. Overall it’s an awesome way to plan your trip quickly and easily!

G Adventures: Quickly find local tours and expeditions to the places you’re visiting. Their a small company that’s mission is to allow you to get up close and personal with the world, while also supporting local communities. 

With as much as traveling can cost and how unpredictable life can be, we always buy travel insurance to protect our trips. Perks of having travel insurance: medical expense assistance, emergency transportation, peace of mind for delayed or lost luggage, credit card shortfalls, and so much more!


REI: We are total REI addicts. Not only do they have amazing gear, but they also have an incredible rewards program in which you get a 10% dividend on all of your purchases.

SuperfeetNothing is more frustrating than having sore, aching feet on a trip, hike, or even on the job. After visiting Japan and walking over 25 miles a day we realized we were in desperate need of some high-quality insoles. Superfeet are made to perform and with a wide variety of insoles, you are sure to find relief for any task.

Lumsing: Lumsing products are perfect for tech-savvy travelers on a budget. We would honestly be lost without Lumsing during our travels. We aren’t exaggerating when we say that either! While in Kyoto our portable wifi unit was on its last few drops of battery power as we were navigating the busy streets with our cell phones. Thankfully, our Lumsing power bank came to the rescue and refueled our wifi lifeline!

Evreward:  If you are a believer in travel credit cards like we are you’ll love this website! This site allows you to maximize your rewards points by searching websites that you frequently use and seeing which card would reap the most benefits.

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