A Massive 7-Day Maui Itinerary & Maui Guide

Sunset in Maui
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A Massive 7-Day Maui Itinerary & Maui Guide

We’ve been dreaming of visiting Hawaii for a looooong time and recently, we made that happen! We visited the island of Maui and let me say, it was a dream. We decided to visit Maui after the countless recommendations we received saying it was a terrific island to visit for our first trip to Hawaii.

At first, we had planned to spend 4-5 days on Maui and then visit another island, but we both wanted a relaxing vacation and we’re so glad we decided to dedicate our whole trip to the beautiful island of Maui. In this 7-day Maui itinerary, we will cover transportation, where to stay, places to eat in Maui, and TONS of things to do in Maui.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links from which we may make commission from. As always, we only recommend places and products we love!

Where is Maui?

When planning a trip to Maui it’s important to know that Maui is the second of the Hawaiian Islands located in the Pacific Ocean. The total area of Maui is 727 square miles making it the second-largest of the Hawaiian Islands after the Island of Hawai’i (also known as the Big Island).

When is the Best Time to Visit Maui?

Whale in Maui

Let me first say that there’s really no bad time to visit Maui but depending on what activities you’re interested in doing, it might change when you’d like to visit.

April, May, and September-November are usually the least busy months to visit Maui. While June-August and December-March are the busiest months to visit Maui. June-August brings summer travelers and December-March brings many people traveling from colder climates to enjoy the sunshine. This is also prime time for whale watching!

We visited Maui at the end of June through the first part of July and while it was definitely busy, we didn’t feel like we were unable to enjoy the countless attractions that Maui has to offer. Regardless of when you visit, make sure you give yourself time to really enjoy this island. 🙂

How we managed to fly for Maui for only $22!

How To Get To Maui

Though it’s probably a given, the best way to get to Maui is by plane. We took advantage of the newer Southwest flight deals and flew direct from the Oakland Airport to Maui (Approximately 5 hours).

At the time we booked our Southwest flights we had to book two separate flights Tulsa → Phoenix  → Oakland for one leg of the trip and Oakland → Maui for the second leg. It was definitely a long, round-about way of getting to Maui but since we utilized points and our Southwest Companion Pass it was the most economical way for us to get to Maui.

We’re hoping that Southwest will soon allow customers traveling to Hawaii an easier way to book their flights with fewer layovers! We’ll definitely keep you updated if or when this changes. But if you have points with another airline carrier or plan to pay outright for your tickets there are definitely easier options. 😉

Find Cheap Flights to Maui

Transportation in Maui

The best way and really the only way to get around for this 7-day Maui itinerary is by car. We were able to find the best rate with our Costco membership and booked on the Costco Travel site.

We love booking through Costco because they partner with most major car rental companies for cheaper rates and they include an additional driver free of charge. However, if you do not have a Costco membership to use for your car rental we suggest looking at Kayak to compare car rental rates.

Another thing to note about transportation in Maui is even though it is a small island, there aren’t many roads so getting from point A to point B with lower speed limits so plan accordingly time-wise and be patient. 😉

Where To Stay in Maui

Resort in Maui

Maui is a big island and takes several hours to drive all the way around. The island is split up into four major areas, West Maui, East Maui, South Maui, and the North Shore Area. However, the west and south areas are the two main areas of Maui that most people consider staying due to the resorts. We’ll cover both of these areas including what we thought of each plus an additional place if you want to stay closer to the Road to Hana one evening.


The west side of Maui is the most popular area to stay in Maui because it is one of the prettiest areas of Maui and is more built-up with shops, restaurants, and beachfront properties. However, because of the number of resort hotels in the area, we found it to be much more crowded than the south side of Maui (where we stayed for our 7 days in Maui).

Lahaina Hotel Recommendations

  • Hyatt Regency Maui Resort: Located on Ka’anapali Beach the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort is an AAA 4-diamond resort that boasts 40 oceanfront acres and wildlife tours on-site!
  • Montage Kapalua: If you’re looking for a quieter, luxurious resort for a romantic honeymoon or getaway the Montage Kapalua is a stunning place to stay on the west side of Maui.
  • Maui Beach Ocean View Rentals: These private rentals are located between Ka’anapali and Kapalua. They are the perfect option for someone looking for an affordable place to stay but still with luxury amenities.


For our 7 days in Maui, we stayed in Kihei, and after visiting other areas of Maui, we felt that Kihei was the best area to stay in Maui. It still has plenty of things to do and places to eat, but it felt like it was easier to get around and less compact than the west side such as Lahaina.

Where We Stayed in Kihei

Maui Vista Condo

Maui Vista Condo is the place we stayed for our 7 days in Maui. We found it perfect for our stay but there were some pros and cons. First, the condo itself is a little dated but that didn’t bother us it came stocked with a washer and dryer to use free of charge, complimentary WiFi, free parking, amenities, and some beach gear.

Our main disappointment with this rental was the lack of air conditioning. When we visited in the summer this condo had limited air circulation but they did provide fans so that helped. The stuff we loved about this condo was the walking distance from Kamaole Beach I and a number of restaurants in Kihei. The on-site amenities and garden area outside the patio of our condo were also a nice touch.

If you’re looking for a budget place to stay in Kihei, this Maui Vista Condo is a great option!

Kihei Hotel Recommendations

  • Mana Kai Maui: The Mana Kai Maui resort is located in south Kihei close to Wailea. It has stunning beachfront condo options at an affordable price. This is where we were hoping to stay in Kihei but it was completely sold out when we looked so if you want to stay at this property snag it fast!
  • Kohea Kai Maui: Is a beachfront resort with a number of amenities including full kitchens in suites, outdoor pool, and complimentary internet making this a great family-friendly resort.

Find other rental properties in Maui

Although it’s a bit further out from the attractions, another option to stay at for your 7 day Maui itinerary is Wailea. Wailea is home to some of the most luxurious hotels in Maui and definitely gives off a less chaotic, busy vibe. We spent some days at the beaches in Wailea and dined here a few times too. If you are looking for a calmer, more intimate, or romantic place to stay in Maui, Wailea is a great option.

Wailea Hotel Recommendations

  • Andaz Maui: The Andaz Maui is a beautiful beachfront luxury property in Wailea with complimentary activities onsite.
  • Hotel Wailea: Hotel Wailea is an adults-only Relais & Chateaux luxury property with stunning mountain views. If you want to escape the crowds for a romantic vacation this is a terrific place to stay in Maui.


If you are wanting to stay somewhere close to the Road to Hana in order to get started early consider staying in the city of Hana. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for your 7 days in Maui, but certainly, one or two nights would do. 🙂

Road to Hana Hotel Recommendations

  • Travaasa Hana: Located at the end of the Road to Hana, Travaasa is a boutique hotel nestled on 69-acres of lush greenery and mountain views. If you want to experience the Road to Hana at a slower pace consider staying here for a tranquil spa getaway.

Find other hotels in Maui

Maui Packing List

Your packing list may look a little different from ours depending on the activities you decide to do during your 7 days in Maui but here is what we packed for our trip. Keep in mind that if your hotel or rental property has a washer and dryer you can wear many items over again! This is how we are able to pack in a carry-on and it kept us from overpacking.

Women’s Packing List for Maui

  • Swimsuits (2-4): I bought a few new swimsuits for this trip and I loved them! Here are the ones I purchased: 1, 2, 3.
  • Beach Cover-up (1-2)
  • Shoes (3 pairs): Flip Flops, Sandals, Hiking Shoes or Tennis Shoes
  • Dresses (3-4): My favorite ones to wear in Hawaii were loose cotton dresses!
  • Skirts (2): I brought two of my favorite skirts to wear with the tops I brought.
  • Shorts (1-2): I only brought one pair of denim shorts with me to Maui because I don’t typically wear shorts. If you wear shorts more than dresses or skirts feel free to add a few more pairs. 😉
  • Shirts (3-4): I brought a few different shirts to Maui to wear with skirts and my denim shorts. But these cute crop tops were my favorite to wear with my high waisted skirts and shorts.
  • Athletic Wear: In my suitcase I packed, two pairs of exercise leggings and a pair of athletic shorts along with a few t-shirts for loungewear, hiking, and for the airplane travel.
  • Sweatshirt (1): Yes, it’s Maui but when you’re visiting Haleakala at sunrise it is pretty chilly. I wore a crewneck sweatshirt, leggings, socks, and tennis shoes. When I got a bit colder I wrapped a beach towel around myself.

Men’s Packing List for Maui

  • Pants (1): For nicer dining establishments or cooler evenings one pair of pants isn’t a bad idea! Just check dress codes and the weather before you leave for Maui.
  • Shorts (3-4): Logan likes these shorts that are dual-purpose for hiking or for wearing out.
  • Swimsuits (2-3)
  • Shoes (3 pairs): Flip Flops, Tennis Shoes/Hiking Shoes, Nicer Tennis Shoes or Dress Shoes (if needed).
  • T-Shirts (4-5): Logan brought a few plain cotton t-shirts.
  • Sweatshirt (1): As I said, mornings and evenings can be a little cool but visiting Haleakala at sunrise is extremely chilly.

Other Items to Pack for Maui

Key Things To Know Before Visiting Maui

Turtles on the beach in Maui.
Turtles on the beach.
  • Interactions With Wildlife: If you spend any time in the water swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving you’ll probably see a few sea turtles! Just keep in mind the key rule with wildlife, keep your distance, and look but DON’T touch. Many animals you’ll see while on Maui are protected. You are subject to fines or potentially prison time should you do so. Respect that this is their home and we are a guest.
  • Respecting Sacred Places: Before we visited Maui we saw a number of beautiful waterfalls on Instagram that we added to our list of places to visit while in Maui. But after doing some research we found the location of these waterfalls and realized that they were behind “no trespassing” signs on sacred land. Because of this, we chose not to visit out of respect for such places and we encourage each of you to do the same.
  • Don’t Take Shells or Sand: It might be tempting to take sand or shells from the beaches in Maui but please don’t! There is even a Hawaiian legend that says you’ll have bad luck if you take sand, rocks, shells, etc from the islands. Instead, take lots of photos and bring home a Maui Gold Pineapple.
  • Plan Ahead When Driving: As I said before, there aren’t many roads on the island so it’s important to plan ahead and take your time when driving in Maui.

7-Day Maui Itinerary

Traveling to Maui

It’s time to head to Maui! Depending on when you arrive you will have time to grab your rental car, check into your hotel and possibly head out for a sunset at the beach or dinner.

If you happen to have enough time to go to a grocery store and get the items you need for the week then this would also be a great time to do so otherwise you can save your trip to the grocery store for tomorrow!

We stopped by Walmart and Costco to pick up some basic goods like drinks, snacks, and lunch items before heading to our Airbnb for the evening.

Day 1: Maui Itinerary – Haleakala & Beach

Sunrise at Haleakala

I’m not a morning person, Logan isn’t either. We never have been and probably never will be. So… waking up at 3am to head to Haleakala National Park for sunrise was a challenge for us. But we were told by many people to visit Haleakala on the first day of our Maui itinerary to kick start our trip when we might have some jetlag to deal with and man, it was well worth it to head there before sunset.

Sunrise at Haleakala National Park in Maui.
Sunrise at Haleakala is absolutely mesmerizing!

The drive to the top of Haleakala was stunning as the sunlight continued to creep up as the minutes went by. The top was bustling with hundreds of people, but that didn’t matter. The beauty of the sunrise nearly hushed every person at the top of the mountain as we all stood back to appreciate what we were seeing (our photos can’t do it justice)!

Parking lot at the top of Haleakala sunrise in Maui.
Even the parking lot makes for a great sunrise view!

Here are a few helpful tips if you plan to visit Haleakala at sunrise:

  • You can make a reservation online up to 60 days in advance on the National Park Service website. We highly recommend doing this so you can secure a spot!
  • It takes about 1.5 hours to get to the summit from Kahului, or 30 minutes more from other parts of Maui so plan time accordingly.
  • Make sure you dress in layers! It is really cold on top of the summit.
  • If you plan on driving the Road to Hana within 3 days of visiting Haleakala make sure you keep your receipt so you can reenter the National Park to hike Pipiwai Trail without paying again.
  • Respect the trails and boundaries on the summit. This is a precious, sacred space for many so don’t go off the paths or climb on rocks to “get a better view.”
  • Be sure to check sunrise and sunset times before you go.

Book A Haleakala Sunrise Tour

BREAKFAST: Grandma’s Coffeehouse

After making the drive down from Haleakala we headed to Grandma’s Coffeehouse for breakfast. Grandma’s Coffeehouse is a cozy cafe that has a number of breakfast specialties. We recommend snagging a spot on the outside deck for a scenic view!

Recommendations: Coconut-crusted french toast, eggs benedict (only offered weekends), fresh juice, and their freshly-brewed coffee of course!

Address: 9232 Kula Hwy, Kula
7am-5pm daily

Other places to eat breakfast in the area

  • Kula Lodge Restaurant: Kula Lodge is a little more pricey than Grandma’s Coffeehouse but it has some breathtaking views of Maui.
  • Alba’s Cuban Coladas: If you are wanting a quick, low-key breakfast Alba’s Cuban Coladas has Cuban coffee and empanadas.

Kamaole Beach I

Charley Young Beach in Kihei, Maui
Charley Young Beach.

After getting little sleep the night before and getting a big breakfast, we decided to make the drive back towards Kihei and spend some time on the beach. The Kamaole Beaches (I-III) are pretty popular to visit so they can get a bit crowded, but Kamaole Beach I was just steps away from our Airbnb so we had to check them out! 

Here are a few other beaches we liked on Maui


  • Baby Beach: Easy to walk to from the main shopping area of Lahaina.
  • Kapalua Beach: Great for sunbathing and for snorkeling!
  • Slaughterhouse Beach: Another pretty beach to relax on.


  • Charley Young Beach: Located right before Kamaole Beach I.
  • Maluaka Beach: This was our favorite beach on Maui. It was a little more hidden and had sunny sandy spots and shady grassy areas.
  • Keawakapu Beach: We found this beach to be less crowded than the Kamaole I-III Beaches.

If you haven’t gotten groceries this is also a time where you could carve out an hour or so to get that done! You’re definitely going to want a few items before heading out on the Road to Hana on day 2 of our Maui itinerary.

Kihei Kalama Village

Shopping at Kihei Kalama Village in Maui
Shopping at Kihei Kalama Village

After beachin’ it up, we went back to our Airbnb to get ready for dinner and stopped by Kihei Kalama Village for shopping and happy hour at Three’s Bar & Grill. Although it’s a bit touristy, Kalama Village is a neat place to look for souvenirs and you’ll get to see a number of “wild” chickens on the loose!

Address: S Kihei Road, Kihei
Hours: 10am-7:30pm daily

DINNER: Three’s Bar & Grill

My friend Nicole spends a lot of time on Maui, she loves it so much that she even bought a condo on Maui and renovated it! I say this because we ended up at Three’s Bar & Grill per her recommendation and I’m so glad we managed to go here for happy hour and enjoy a number of appetizers and inexpensive, yet delicious cocktails.

Recommendations: Three’s House Mai Tai, Kalua Pork Nachos, Coconut Crusted Fish Tacos, and the Hurricane Fries.

Address: 1945 S Kihei Rd, Kihei (in the Kihei Kalama Village area)
Monday-Friday 8:30am-10pm, Saturday & Sunday 8am-10pm, Happy Hour: 3pm-6pm, 9pm-10pm daily

Sunset at Kamaole Beach III in Maui
Sunset at Kamaole Beach III.

After dinner, if you’re feeling up to it, you can stop by the beach again on your way back home for the evening. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on a Maui sunset!

Day 2: Maui Itinerary – Road to Hana

View of the Road to Hana from Garden of Eden in Maui.
View of the Road to Hana from Garden of Eden.

Today is going to be a LONG day so it’s important to start EARLY – we started around 6am from Kihei. If you don’t feel up to the challenge to do this Road to Hana tour in one day you could always split it up into two days or do a guided tour. Just make sure to use a reputable, legal company when you book a guided tour! (P.S. I am doing some research to find a good Road to Hana company to book with and I’ll report back when I find one!) 

Things to Know for the Road to Hana

  • If you are driving yourself consider purchasing the Road to Hana CD Guide that gives some information about each stop or download the Hana Driving Guide (Shaka Guide) to your phone.
  • Make sure you bring a cooler and snacks.
  • Bring cash with you in case you want to buy some goodies from the local stands while on the Road to Hana. 
  • There is limited parking at many of the Road to Hana stops which meant that we, unfortunately, had to pass a few. Please do not park on the road! 
  • Bring bug repellant!

Twin Falls & Twin Falls Farm Stand

Twin Falls is the first stop on this Road to Hana itinerary. You’ll park by the Twin Falls Farm Stand and if you want, get some fresh fruit juice to kick start the day. Then, make the short hike down to Twin Falls where you can view the waterfall and the pretty nature around the area.
Location: Mile Marker 2

Huelo Lookout & Huelo Lookout Fruit Stand

The Huelo Lookout Fruit Stand is a roadside fruit stand that makes yummy coconut candy and smoothies with locally sourced fruit and pure cane sugar. If you already grabbed a snack or drink at the Twin Falls Farm Stand no worries, you can drive ahead to the next spot on the Road to Hana.
Location: Mile Marker 4.5

Waikamoi Ridge Trail

The Waikamoi Ridge Trail has two loops, one hike is about 10 minutes and the other takes about 30 minutes. In our opinion, the hike is nice but there are others we enjoyed more on the Road to Hana that we’ll cover soon. But it’s definitely a good place to stop and stretch your legs.
Location: Mile Marker 9.5

Ka Haku’s Smoke Shack

Although we didn’t stop here because we brought our lunch with us, we wanted to include the Ka Haku’s Smoke Shack on our Road to Hana guide because a number of people recommended it for a quick bite to eat. I honestly regret not stopping here now!
Location: Mile Marker 10

Garden of Eden Arboretum

Keopuka Rock Overlook at Garden of Eden in Maui
Keopuka Rock Overlook

Garden of Eden is a botanical garden in Maui set on 26 acres of trails with tropical flowers, lush vegetation, and beautiful trees. It is also easily one of my favorite attractions on the Road to Hana because it is less busy than many of the other Road to Hana hotspots (at least from our experience).

Some of the fun facts about the Garden of Eden

  • You can catch an epic view from the Keopuka Rock Overlook where the opening of Jurassic Park was filmed!
  • There is also a view of Puohokamoa Falls which is restricted to visit so this is one of the only places you can see it legally.
  • There is a 100-year-old mango tree that will easily remind you of the tree in Ferngully (if you know, you know).
View of Puohokamoa Falls from Garden of Eden on the Road to Hana in Maui.
View of Puohokamoa Falls from Garden of Eden.

So if you are driving the Road to Hana yourself make sure you stop here. Just watch out for velociraptors. 😉

Location: Mile Marker 10.5
8am-4pm daily
$15/adult, $5/children, free under age 5

Ke’anae Lookout

Ke'anae Lookout on the Road to Hana in Maui.
Ke’anae Lookout

Ke’anae Lookout isn’t right on the Road to Hana but it’s worth pulling over to enjoy the scenic views with fewer people and plenty of parking in comparison to many other Road to Hana stops.
Location: Roughly 3/4 of the way between mile markers 16 & 17

Aunty Sandy’s

Aunty Sandy's Banana Bread on the Road to Hana in Maui.
A whole loaf of freshly baked banana bread? Yes please!

You can’t complete a Road to Hana trip without stopping to get some banana bread. Aunty Sandy’s has delicious, hot banana bread along with shave ice and sandwiches and is just a short distance from Keanae Lookout.
Location: Mile Marker 17 (off Ke’anae Landing)

Halfway to Hana Rest Stop 

Because we already stopped at Aunty Sandy’s for a road trip snack we didn’t end up stopping at the Halfway to Hana Rest Stop (plus it was extremely crowded when we drove by!). But if you want to get a photo with the sign or some more banana bread and shave ice add this spot to your Road to Hana trip.
Location: Mile Marker 17

Wailua Valley State Wayside

Wailua Valley State Wayside is a quick stop off the Road to Hana that offers a stunning view of the Wailua Valley, the ocean, and even some waterfalls.
Location: Just before Mile Marker 19

Upper Waikani Falls

Upper Waikani Falls is also known as “Three Bears”. While you may see some people parking here, it is a “no parking zone” so it’s best to be enjoyed from your vehicle rather than holding up traffic. 😉
Location: Mile Marker 19

Hanawi Falls

Hanawi Falls on the Road to Hana in Maui.
Hanawi Falls

Another beautiful waterfall on the Road to Hana is Hanawi Falls which can also be easily viewed from the road!
Location: Mile Marker 24

Nahiku Marketplace

This is one spot on the Road to Hana that had a decent amount of parking! Stop at the Nahiku Marketplace for some roadside barbecue, a quick cup of coffee, or a boat of fresh fruit.
Location: Mile Marker 29

Wai’anapanapa State Park

Wai'anapanapa State Park on the Road to Hana in Maui
Wai’anapanapa State Park

Wai’anapanapa State Park is one of the stops we feel like you CANNOT miss on the Road to Hana. The vibrant colors of blue and green against the black sand beach are SO beautiful!

Important to note: As of April 2021 non-residents are now required to schedule their visit to certain Hawaiian State Parks (including Wai’anapanapa) plus pay an admission and parking fee. You can find more information on the Hawaii State Parks Website.
Location: Mile Marker 32

Make A Reservation for Wai’anapanapa State Park


Congrats, you’ve made it to Hana! Hana itself is a sleepy town with little going on, but we aren’t quite done with the trek yet. There are still a few amazing sites to come.
Location: Mile Marker 34

Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach 

Kaihalulu Beach (Red Sand Beach) in Maui.
Kaihalulu Beach

Once again, I have my friend Nicole to thank for this Road to Hana spot. The parking is a bit limited and the beginning of the hike is on private property by the Hana School and Traavasa Hotel, though they had hiking signs posted here too. Regardless, please be respectful if you decide to do this hike.

This is another spot where you’ll want to make sure to wear your hiking/tennis shoes and the hike can be dangerous so use discretion and if you don’t feel comfortable turn around. It’s secluded and from what we noticed, less-visited on the Road to Hana. I also want to point out that while we didn’t see any nude sunbathers, it isn’t uncommon at this beach.

Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls in Maui
Wailua Falls

If you’re lucky to find a parking spot by Wailua Falls snag it! It’s an iconic Road to Hana waterfall that is 80-feet high. It was one of the more beautiful waterfalls we saw while on the Road to Hana.
Location: Mile Marker 45

Haleakala National Park (Kipahulu)

The south side of Haleakala National Park is very different from the area visited on day one of this Maui itinerary, but still beautiful nonetheless. If you’re up for it, we recommend visiting here and bringing your receipt from day one (it’s valid for three days) to enter for no additional cost.

Here are some spots at Haleakala National Park to visit

'Ohe’o Gulch in Maui
‘Ohe’o Gulch

Ohe’o Gulch: Normally you can swim at the ‘Ohe’o Gulch but because the waters were so high, we weren’t able to but they were still really cool for viewing. Hopefully, you’ll have better luck than we did!

Bamboo Grove on the Pipiwai Trail in Maui.
Bamboo grove on the Pipiwai Trail.

Pipiwai Trail & Waimoki Falls: The Pipiwai Trail was one of our favorite hiking trails in Maui. It will take you on a scenic path through a bamboo grove and across many bridges to Waimoku Falls.
Information: 0.8 miles approximately a 25-minute hike one-way. Elevation change 423 ft
Location: Mile Marker 42

Make the Drive Back

Road to Hana in Maui.
The back way we took after the Road to Hana.

After finishing all of our Road to Hana stops we decided to drive the back way instead of turning around and driving the Road to Hana backward. We had originally planned this because we knew it might take more time to head back on the Road to Hana and wanted to experience a more scenic route and we are so glad we did! However, if you want to turn around and drive back the way you came the Kipahulu Visitor Center is a great place to do so.

DINNER: Takeout

After having such a long day, you’re probably not going to want to do much of anything, so I suggest grabbing some take-out to enjoy back at your place or a casual place for dinner.

Recommendations for take-out

Da Kitchen: Da Kitchen makes quick, yet yummy Hawaiian cuisine perfect for take-out.
Recommendations: Chicken Katsu Sandwich or Fish Tempura Sandwich
Address: 2439 South Kihei Rd. #A107, Kihei
Hours: 11am-9pm daily

Geste Shrimp Truck: Geste Shrimp Truck is a food truck serving up shrimp plates seasoned in all different ways. Not a fan of shrimp? They have a hot dog plate too!
Recommendations: Hawaiian Scampi or Spicy Pineapple Shrimp
Address: 2001 Kahului Beach Rd, Kahului
Hours: 10:45am-5:30pm Tuesday-Saturday, Closed Sunday & Monday

Day 3: Maui Itinerary

Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm

Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm in Maui
Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm

Moments after stepping foot on Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm we felt a sense of serenity from the light scent of lavender in the air, the cooler temperature, and a stunning mountain backdrop. We were so glad we carved some time out of our schedule to visit this unique attraction in Maui. Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm has over 45 varieties of lavender on their 13.5-acre farm. After walking through the gardens we went into their gift shop where we got a lavender scone and lavender lemonade.

Lavender scone and lavender lemonade at Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm in Maui.
Lavender scone and lavender lemonade.

If you are interested in learning more about growing lavender, its healing properties, or cooking with lavender, Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm also offers a 30-minute walking tour for $12 per person or cart tour for $25 per person.

Address: 1100 Waipoli Rd, Kula
Hours: 9am-4pm daily
Cost: $3 Self-Guided Tour, $12 Walking Tour, $25 Car Tour

Maui Pineapple Tours

Maui Gold Pineapples boxed up at Maui Pineapple Tours.
If only we could take a whole case of these Maui Gold Pineapples home!

Maui Pineapple Tours was an unexpected surprise that we added to our 7 day Maui itinerary. We had heard about the infamous Maui Golds prior to coming to Maui, so when we heard there was a tour of their pineapple plantation, the last pineapple plantation in the United States, we couldn’t miss out on this 1.5-hour tour. 

The Maui Gold Pineapple farm is operating at 4% waste which is incredibly impressive because most farms operate at a minimum of 30% waste. Their goal is to eventually become zero waste.

Baby pineapples at Maui Pineapple Tours.
Just look at how cute this baby pineapple is!

The tour starts with the planting and harvesting techniques of the pineapple. At Maui Pineapple there are only six planters. But here’s the thing, they plant roughly 8,000-10,000 seeds a day BY HAND. Yes, you read that correctly, not by machine, by hand.  After being planted, it takes roughly 18-24 months to grow one pineapple, so needless to say, we’ll never take another bite of pineapple for granted again. 

When it comes time for harvest, workers snap the pineapple fruit off the peduncle (stalk of the pineapple) and load it on the harvest trucks which each hold 2.5 tons of pineapple. After harvesting, another pineapple can grow on the same plant within one year.

Fully-grown pineapples at Maui Pineapple Tours.
These fully-grown pineapples are almost ready for harvest.

In the tour, you’ll see the different stages of the pineapple growing process and in the end, get to try a delicious Maui Gold pineapple right off the stalk and chopped into bite-size delectable pieces.

The thing that we found to be unique to Maui Gold pineapple compared to other pineapples we’ve had is the lack of acidity. Have you ever eaten pineapple and felt like your tongue was tingling? Maui Gold doesn’t have that feeling. That’s due to the fact that Maui Gold pineapples have only 15% acidity whereas other pineapples have around 30% acidity.

Maui Gold Pineapple from the Maui Pineapple Tour.
A piece of perfectly ripe Maui Gold Pineapple.

At the end of your Maui Pineapple Tour, you’ll receive an airport-ready box with a Maui Gold pineapple inside! Also, there’s no shame if you want to go to Costco and get a few more Maui Gold pineapple to shove inside your box. 😉 

Though we didn’t participate, if you’d like to continue the Maui Gold Pineapple tour, there is also an optional luncheon and a distillery tour available for an additional cost.

Address: 883 Haliimaile Rd, Makawao
Tour Times: 9:30am, 11:45am, 1:45pm
Cost: $65 tour only, $90 tour and lunch, $100 farm tour, distillery tour, and lunch

Book Your Maui Pineapple Tour

Paia Village

Paia Village in Maui
Paia Village

Paia Village is a laid-back, smaller area of Maui that has a number of unique tourist shops, restaurants, art galleries, and surf shops. We decided to come here to do a little shopping and check out some of the beaches.

Ho’okipa Lookout

Turtles sunbathing at Ho’okipa Lookout in Maui.
Turtles sunbathing at Ho’okipa Lookout.

Before heading to dinner we stopped by Ho’okipa Lookout for sunset and saw a number of sea turtles laying on the beach. I was honestly so entranced by them we watched them for about half an hour! Just remember to keep your distance from the sea turtles if you do see some laying on the beach or in the water. 🙂

DINNER: Mama’s Fish House

Whenever you begin budgeting for your Maui trip, definitely set aside some money for a dinner at Mama’s Fish House. Though it’s a little pricey, it was easily one of the best seafood meals in our lives and has such a beautiful setting and ambiance. Be sure to make a reservation WAY in advance because they book up quickly.

Recommendations: Ahi, Opah, and Salmon in Panang Curry, Mama’s Stuffed Fish with lobster and crab, baked a Macadamia nut crust.

Address: 799 Poho Pl, Paia
Hours: 11am-9pm daily

Day 4: Maui Itinerary

BREAKFAST: Gazebo Restaurant

Macadamia Nut Pancakes from Gazebo Restaurant in Maui.
I’m still drooling over the Macadamia Nut Pancakes from Gazebo Restaurant.

Gazebo Restaurant is one of those restaurants that you want to get there early because if you don’t, it’s gonna be NUTS and I’m not talking macadamia nuts, although their macadamia pancakes are freakin’ amazing.

If you happen to get there before the big line starts, then bravo, get your table! But if you show up a little late as we did here’s what we suggest to save some time. Behind the restaurant, there is a take-out spot where you can order anything off the menu to-go.

Gazebo Restaurant in Maui.
This is where we sat to enjoy our pancakes. It was right by the restaurant and a number of others were also ordering their food-to-go and eating by the pool.

Place your order, pay for it, then head out to one of the tables by the pool and eat your yummy breakfast! It’s literally the same exact food but without waiting in line. 😉 However, if you show up late, they may not let you eat at one of the tables by the pool because it is an amenity for the on-site condos.

Recommendations: Macadamia Nut Pancakes with coconut syrup (they are enough to share too!)

Address: 5315 Lower Honoapiilani Rd, Lahaina
Hours: 7:30am-2pm daily

Snorkeling: Honolua Bay

Honolua Bay in Maui
Honolua Bay is the perfect snorkeling spot in Maui.

After letting ourselves relax for a little while after breakfast we made our way to Honolua Bay to go snorkeling. The water is extremely clear and calm here making it the perfect place to snorkel. We saw more sea turtles, an octopus, and colorful fish here than anywhere else we snorkeled.

There are a number of paid tours that come through this area but they are often only there for a short while before making their way to another snorkeling spot. Save yourself some money and skip out on the tour and spend as much time as you want here!

Snorkeling Tips

  • Make sure to wear reef-safe sunscreen to protect the coral and sea creatures and reapply every 1-2 hours or as directed so you don’t get a sunburn as I did. Rookie mistake.
  • Never touch coral or other sea life and keep your distance.
  • Pick an area with calm, clear water for better viewing and safety. Honolua Bay was perfect for that!
  • We brought our own snorkeling gear but you can also buy a snorkeling set at Costco or rent a set from one of the many rental shops in Maui.

Other Beaches and Snorkeling Spots in the Area

  • Slaughterhouse Beach
  • Kapalua Beach
  • Napili Bay

Coconut Caboose

Fresh coconut from Coconut Caboose in Maui.
Fresh coconut from Coconut Caboose.

After snorkeling for a few hours we were ready for a snack to hold us over until dinner so we stopped at the Coconut Caboose, a food truck that sells fresh coconut, shave ice, and coconut ice cream. Afterward, we headed back to our place to shower and head to dinner.
Recommendations: Fresh coconut or coconut gelato!

Hours: 10am-5pm daily

DINNER: Monkeypod Kitchen

After spending our day snorkeling we were ready for some dinner so we went back to our Airbnb to get ready before heading to dinner at Monkeypod Kitchen.

Monkeypod Kitchen is a farm-to-table restaurant that serves high-quality Hawaiian fare and specialty cocktails. We went for their happy hour and it was SO GOOD. This is another restaurant that I would recommend making a reservation for because it gets very busy.

Recommendations: Mai Tai with lilikoi foam, lobster deviled eggs, Kauai shrimp potstickers, Hamakua Wild Mushroom pizza or the Kalua Pork & Pineapple pizza.

Address: 10 Wailea Gateway Pl, Kihei
Hours: 11am-11pm daily, Happy Hours 3pm-5:30pm, 9pm-11pm

Secret Beach

Secret Beach in Maui, Hawaii
Secret Beach had one of the most stunning sunsets we saw while in Maui.

Depending on the time of year you visit Maui, you might want to visit Secret Beach before dinner at Monkeypod Kitchen so you can see the sunset here. Secret Beach isn’t really a secret nor is it a beach for relaxing, but more for viewing. Also, be cognizant of tide timetables so you don’t get completely soaked at high tide… not that I’m speaking from experience. 😉 You won’t need long here, but the view is gorgeous!

Address: 6468 Makena Alanui, Kihei

Lappert’s Hawaii

After visiting Secret Beach, head to Lappert’s Hawaii on your way back to your hotel for some of the yummiest ice cream on Maui!
Recommendations: You really can’t go wrong! Our favorites were: Luau Delight (Coconut and Passion Fruit), Kauai Pie (Kona Coffee Ice Cream, coconut, fudge, macadamia nuts, and vanilla cake), and Mini Peanut Butter Cup & Fudge

Address: 3750 Wailea Alanui Dr, Wailea
Hours: 9:30am-10pm

Day 5: Maui Itinerary – Lahaina

We took full advantage of sleeping in on this day, so you can too! After all, with the number of activities you’ve been up to you might need a rest as we did. If you want to add another activity to this day you can consider some of the additional options we have at the end of this itinerary including a helicopter tour or a go to a goat farm!

Shopping & Beaching in Lahaina

Maui Pineapple Store in Lahaina, Maui.
Maui Pineapple Store in Lahaina.

We decided to spend more time at the Beaches on the west side this day including Baby Beach and Ka’anapali Beach. After, we did some exploring, snacking, and shopping in Lahaina.

A few of our favorite places were Belle Surf Cafe for a yummy iced coffee, Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice (this location is really busy though), Maui Pineapple Store – more of those Maui Golds available plus merch, and stopping at the Outlets of Maui for some regular shopping too!

The Feast at Lele

Entrees at the Feast at Lele in Maui.
Entrees at Feast at Lele.

When planning our 7 days in Maui we knew we wanted to go to a luau but were torn on which one since there were so many to choose from. Ultimately we decided on The Feast at Lele because it offered private tables for every party, each dish was served to you (versus a buffet) and we had read that it was closer to having more authentic dancing and dining experiences, although I’ve also been told that most of the luaus are obviously geared towards tourists.

Mai Tai welcome drink at Feast of Lele in Maui.
Mai Tai welcome drink at Feast of Lele.

Upon arriving at the Feast at Lele you’ll be greeted with a cocktail in hand (or mocktail if you wish) and a fresh flower lei. After, you’ll be shown to your seat. All of the seats are on the beach so you have a beautiful backdrop of the ocean and sunset behind you and the incredible, traditional dances of the Pacific Islands to watch on the stage in front of you.

Tables at Feast at Lele in Maui.
Our private table at Feast at Lele (plus people checking out the sunset behind us before the dinner). Also, could we look anymore touristy? HA!

The Feast at Lele takes you on a journey through song, dance, and cuisine of the Pacific Islands, and with the FIVE courses, they offer it really is a feast. I also want to point out that they were very accommodating with my dietary restrictions when I told them ahead of time so be sure to make a note of that or email them if you have any restrictions.

First Course: Hawai’i

  • Bamboo Pineapple Rice
  • Pipikaula & Poi: Paniolo Dried Cured Beef and Maui Poi
  • Kalua Pua’a (Pork): Slow roasted in an underground oven the traditional way, served with butter sauteed cabbage.

Second Course: Aotearoa – New Zealand

  • Pikopiko Salad: Hana Fiddle Fern Shoot, Kabocha Pumpkin with House Smoked Fish and Roasted Kukut Nut.
  • Harore Kumara: Stewed Mushrooms Over Baked Orange and Purple Sweet Potato
  • Miti Hangi: Braised Short Ribs in Kiwi Fruit

Third Course: Tahiti

  • Tahitian Baked Shrimp
  • E’oita Poisson Cru: Fresh Island Diced Fish and Vegetables in Coconut Milk and Lime Juice
  • Ginger Moa: Marinated Chicken Breast in Mango Soy Sauce with Tahitian Lime Aioli and Mango Relish

Fourth Course: Samoa

  • Pani Popo: Taro bread roll in creamy coconut milk (one of our favorite dishes)!
  • Palusami: Coconut Cream Corned Beef with Baked Ulu Wrapped in Taro Leaf.
  • Stew Figota: Fresh Island Fish in Mussels, Clam, Calamari, and Shrimp Stew, with Coconut Banana Cream.

Fifth Course: Dessert

Coconut Vanilla Mousseline Cake with Caramelized Pineapple and Salted Caramel at Feast of Lele in Maui
Coconut Vanilla Mousseline Cake
  • Coconut Vanilla Mousseline Cake with Caramelized Pineapple and Salted Caramel. 

Address: 505 Front St, Lahaina
Hours: Opens at 6pm so be sure to show up a little early.
Cost: $140/adult, $98/child

Book Your Tickets to The Feast At Lele

Day 6: Maui Itinerary

Iao Valley State Park / Iao Needle Monument

Iao Needle Monument at Iao Valley State Park in Maui.
Iao Needle Monument.

The Iao Valley State Park is a 4,000-acre park offering hiking, scenic views, and a nature center. It’s perfect if you want to escape the beach for a little while and enjoy the lush greenery and tropical flowers of Maui. While at the Iao Valley we recommend taking the easy, paved 0.6-mile walk to view the Iao Needle Monument.

Address: 54 S High St, Wailuku
Hours: 7am-6pm daily
Cost: $5 for parking

Kahakuloa Bay Drive

View of Kahakuloa Bay in Maui.
Kahakuloa Bay

The drive to Kahakuloa Bay isn’t for the faint of heart. The roads are very narrow and are one-lane at times reminding us of what it was like to drive in Ireland! Hence why many travelers decide not to take this route. Before we made the drive we were just looking for the easiest way to visit the Olivine Pools and the Nakalele Blowhole and our GPS decided to take us that way. So, full disclosure, we didn’t know exactly what we were getting into making this drive. If you decide to go this way, be patient with yourself and other cars, please take your time, and be mindful of those who reside here.

Olivine Pools

Olivine Tide Pools in Maui.
Olivine Tide Pools.

The Olivine Pools are a series of tide pools set in a scenic oceanside setting and great views. If you plan to hike down to the Olivine Pools be sure to wear good walking or hiking shoes because it’s extremely rocky and steep. Keep in mind that depending on the time of year or even time of day, the waves can come crashing in and there have been known fatalities here. Because of this, we wouldn’t recommend getting in the tide pools or getting too close. Instead, you can look at them from a safe distance above or on one of the lower levels.

Location: Kahekili Hwy, Lahaina

Nakalele Blowhole

After viewing the Olivine Pools it’s time to head to the next destination on this Maui Itinerary, the Nakalele Blowhole. The Nakalele Blowhole is a powerful blowhole that shoots up between lava formations. Like the Olivine Pools, make sure to exercise caution when visiting and wear good walking or hiking shoes because the area can be really slippery. Sadly when we visited the Nakalele Blowhole we didn’t get to see it in full force, but we did get to see it at “medium” force.

Location: Poelua Bay, Wailuku

LUNCH: Aloha Mixed Plate

After a long day of driving and hiking, we made our way back down toward Lahaina for a late lunch. We decided on Aloha Mixed Plate because we’d heard such good things about it and it definitely didn’t disappoint. If you can snag a table on the outdoor pavilion with an ocean view you’re in luck, but regardless of the view you have, the food will be amazing.

Recommendations: Fried Rice Loco Moco, Hoaloha Salad with local greens, pumpkin, root vegetables, long beans, tomato, cucumber with a house vinaigrette, Kalua Pig Sandwich

Address: 1285 Front St, Lahaina
8am-10pm daily, happy hour 3pm-5pm

Beach it up!

Sunset on a beach in Maui. (A 7 day Maui itinerary)
Seriously… Never miss a Maui sunset.

Because we had a pretty full day and a late lunch we decided to spend some time at a beach again for the remainder of the day. By now you probably have a favorite beach you’ve been going to so feel free to go back or find a new one to enjoy!

Day 7: Maui Itinerary

Ho’omana Spa Maui

On our last day in Maui, we decided to enjoy a spa day at Ho’omana Spa. It was the perfect way to relieve muscle soreness from hiking (and they helped my poor sunburned back too). Ho’omana Spa is a luxury spa that offers Lomi Lomi massages which is the first time we’ve experienced this kind of massage.

Address: 1550 Piiholo Rd, Makawao
Hours: 9am-5pm daily (be sure to book in advance)

LUNCH: Maui Brewing Co.

If you’re a fan of craft beer, Maui Brewing Co. has quite the supply! They also offer brewery tours and delicious lunch and dinner options with a spectacular setting outdoors. If you are looking for a casual place to eat with a menu that has a good variety, Maui Brewing Co is perfect.

Recommendations: For beers, we suggest the Pineapple Mana wheat beer and Bikini Blonde lager. As far as food goes, their pizza and burgers were great!

Address: 605 Lipoa Pkwy, Kihei
11am-11pm daily, happy hour 3:30pm-5:30pm

Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve

Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve in Maui
Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve

Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve is a conservation area that is another place that is great for snorkeling because it is home to many ocean animals and beautiful coral reefs. Before we went to Maui there was a ban on entering here due to shark activity, but it was lifted shortly after we arrived. Just be aware that this area may not always be available to snorkel in, but it’s beautiful to see too.

DINNER: Izakaya Genbe

Shrimp Tempura Udon at Izakaya Genbe in Maui
Shrimp tempura udon at Izakaya Genbe.

Izakaya Genbe is a small restaurant that serves up traditional Japanese cuisine similar to what you’d find in an izakaya (bar) in Japan. After going to a sushi restaurant in Maui that we thought was just okay, we were so impressed with this restaurant we went back twice!

Recommendations: Onigiri (Rice Balls), Tempura Udon, or Yakisoba.

Address: 1280 S Kihei Rd, Kihei
Hours: 5:30pm-10pm daily


Depending on when your flight is you might have some time to enjoy more of Maui today! We caught a late afternoon flight back to the mainland so we decided to get breakfast (one last acai bowl? Yes please!) and headed to a beach to walk around.

If you rented a car while in Maui the cheapest place to fuel up before returning is at Costco. At the time we visited gas was around $2.99-$3.18/gallon versus $3.50-$3.84/gallon at other stations.

When you arrive at the airport you’ll have two checkpoints that are different than what you’re probably used to at other U.S. airports. The first is for all checked luggage and the second is for all carry-on and food goods. They aren’t a big deal, but we wanted to mention it so you’d be aware!

Other Things to do in Maui

If you find some extra time in your schedule or are looking for other things to add to your 7 days in Maui then consider some of these supplemental activities!

Surfing Goat Dairy

Surfing Goat Dairy is a dairy farm in Maui that produces over two dozen kinds of goat cheese that have won national awards. You can tour the farm, learn how to milk a goat, and even see the cheese-making process!

Address: 3651 Omaopio Rd, Kula
9am-5pm daily
$10 farm tour, $15 evening chores and milking tour, $39 farm tour, and the cheese-making process

Piiholo Ranch Zipline

If you’re looking for another outdoor thrilling adventure to enjoy in Maui then Piiholo Ranch Zipline is something to check out! You can fly through the trees and enjoy scenic waterfall hikes.

Address: 799 Piiholo Rd, Makawao
Hours: 7am-7pm daily (book in advance)
Cost: Zipline tours starting at $86.95


MauiWine is the only winery on Maui and offers complimentary tours of their vineyard and tastings for minimal costs. Remember that Maui Gold Pineapple tour we took? Well, some of the wines at MauiWine are made from their pineapples making it a very unique bottle of wine.

Address: 14815 Piilani Hwy, Kula
Hours: 10am-5:30pm daily
Cost: Tours are complimentary, tastings range from $12-16

Helicopter Tour of Maui

We didn’t end up doing a helicopter tour because we wanted too long to book. But this is an incredible way to view Maui from the sky and see a number of hidden waterfalls.

Here are a few helicopter tours you could take in Maui.

Places to Eat in Maui

Although we covered a number of places to eat in Maui in the bulk of our 7 day Maui itinerary, we wanted to include a separate list here in case you wanted additional ideas or options that might work better for your schedule or location. A few of these you’ll recognize from above, but there are a number of new places too!

Places to Eat in Paia

Paia Bowls

Paia Bowls has some of the tastiest acai bowls and smoothies on Maui that are perfect for a quick, healthy breakfast or snack.
Recommendations: Acai blend bowl or one of the smoothies. You really can’t go wrong.

Location: 43 Hana Hwy, Paia
Hours: 7:30am-6pm daily

Flatbread Company

If you’re looking for some yummy pizza while in Maui, Flatbread Company will hit the spot! All of their pizzas are made with organic ingredients and free-range meats in a wood-fired clay oven.
Recommendations: Kalua Pork or Pele Pesto

Location: 89 Hana Hwy, Paia
Hours: Monday-Thursday 11am-9pm, Friday-Sunday 11am-9:30pm

Paia Fish Market

If you want to enjoy some fresh fish without the price tag of Mama’s Fish House (below) then Paia Fish Market is quite the catch! There are a number of options including Mahi Mahi, Ono, Opah, Snapper, and Ahi.
Recommendations: Any of the fresh catch plates

Location: 100 Baldwin Ave, Paia
Hours: 11am-9:30pm daily

Mama’s Fish House

Since we’ve already reviewed Mama’s Fish House in our Maui itinerary above, we will save you the same old song and dance. But I do want to repeat that although this meal might be pricey, it was our favorite meal while in Maui. Be sure to make a reservation WAY in advance because they book up quickly.
Recommendations: Panang Curry or Mama’s Stuffed Fish

Address: 799 Poho Pl, Paia
Hours: 11am-9pm daily

Places to Eat in Kahului

Maui Coffee Roasters

Acai bowl from Maui Coffee Roasters in Maui
Acai bowl from Maui Coffee Roasters

Before we went to the airport we stopped by Maui Coffee Roasters for one last acai bowl and a coffee. They have a nice variety of breakfast and lunch items, baked goods, and bags of whole bean Maui coffee that you can pop in your suitcase before you leave.

Location: 444 Hana Hwy, Kahului
Hours: Sunday 8am-4pm, Monday-Saturday 7am-6pm

Da Kitchen

Da Kitchen makes quick, yet yummy Hawaiian cuisine perfect for take-out.
Recommendations: Chicken Katsu Sandwich or Fish Tempura Sandwich
Address: 2439 South Kihei Rd. #A107, Kihei
Hours: 11am-9pm daily

Tin Roof

Tin Roof is another great take-out restaurant for Hawaiian comfort fare.
Recommendations: Garlic Shrimp or Mochiko Chicken
Address: 360 Papa Pl, Kahului
Hours: 10am-2pm daily, Closed Sundays

Geste Shrimp Truck

Geste Shrimp Truck is a food truck serving up shrimp plates seasoned in all different ways. Not a fan of shrimp? They have a hot dog plate too!
Recommendations: Hawaiian Scampi or Spicy Pineapple Shrimp
Address: 2001 Kahului Beach Rd, Kahului
Hours: 10:45am-5:30pm Tuesday-Saturday, Closed Sunday & Monday

Places to Eat in Lahaina

Belle Surf Cafe

Iced latte from Belle Surf Cafe in Maui
Iced latte from Belle Surf Cafe

Belle Surf Cafe is a great spot to stop for a morning latte or mid-afternoon pick-me-up. They also serve a variety of toasts, acai bowls, crepes, and smoothies.
Recommendations: Spiced Lavender Mocha Latte, Chai Latte, or Golden Milk Latte.

Location: 640 Front St, Lahaina
Hours: Sunday 8am-3pm, Monday-Saturday 7am-4pm

The Gazebo

Macadamia Nut Pancakes from Gazebo Restaurant in Maui.
I’m still drooling over the Macadamia Nut Pancakes from Gazebo Restaurant.

Gazebo Restaurant is a popular breakfast spot that serves up the best Macadamia Nut Pancakes on the island. Be sure to get here early because it gets busy FAST. (Read more about Gazebo in our 7 day Maui itinerary)
Recommendations: Macadamia Nut Pancakes

Address: 5315 Lower Honoapiilani Rd, Lahaina
Hours: 7:30am-2pm daily

Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop

Key lime pie and coconut creme pie from Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop in Maui
Key Lime and Coconut Creme Pies

If you’re looking for a great place for breakfast, lunch, or just some yummy pie Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop has all that and more. We won’t judge you if you decide to do a pie for breakfast one day. I mean we drove out of the way just to get two for ourselves one evening. 😉
Recommendations: Key Lime Pie or Coconut Creme Pie

Address: 820 Olowalu Village Rd, Lahaina
Hours: 7am-8pm daily

Aloha Mixed Plate

Aloha Mixed Plate was one of our favorite lunch spots in Maui. It has a beautiful view from their patio and delicious food.
Recommendations: Fried Rice Loco Moco, Hoaloha Salad with local greens, pumpkin, root vegetables, long beans, tomato, cucumber with a house vinaigrette, Kalua Pig Sandwich

Address: 1285 Front St, Lahaina
8am-10pm daily, happy hour 3pm-5pm

Duke’s Beach House

Duke’s Beach House is an open-air beachside restaurant with live music happy hours. All of the menu items you’ll find are sustainably farmed, fished, and focused so you can feel good about what you eat.
Recommendations: Banana-leaf steamed island fish and shrimp, furikake ahi steak, duroc pork ribs

Address: 130 Kai Malina Pkwy, Lahaina
Hours: 7:30am-9:30pm daily

Places to Eat in Kihei

Maui Bread Company

Pina Colada Sweet Bun from Maui Bread Company.
Pina Colada Sweet Bun

Maui Bread Company makes fresh sweet and savory bread, cookies, and biscotti daily. Their baked goods are perfect for breakfast or a sweet treat.
Recommendations: Passion Orange Guava bread, Pina Colada Bun, Lilikoi Sweet Bun

Location: 2395 S Kihei Rd #117, Kihei
Hours: 7am-7pm daily

Kihei Caffe

We tried to stop by Kihei Caffe on our last day in Maui and were faced with an extra-long wait so we never got the chance to dine here but man oh man does their menu look amazing and the reviews and recommendations of this place are enough to make us want to go back!

Location: 1945 S Kihei Rd, Kihei
Hours: 5am-3pm daily

Sugar Beach Bake Shop

Sugar Beach Bake Shop is a casual bakery that has a variety of breakfast sweets and delicious coffee.
Recommendations: Any of the freshly fried malasadas – the matcha and cinnamon sugar were soooo yummy! We also enjoyed a blueberry muffin.

Location: 61 S Kihei Rd, Kihei
Hours: 6am-4pm daily

Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade

Strawberry pineapple lemonade from Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade in Maui.
Strawberry Pineapple Lemonade

Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade uses fruits from local Hawaiian farmers to make refreshing lemonades and acai bowls perfect for a healthy breakfast or after beach snack.
Recommendations: Strawberry Pineapple Lemonade or Lavender Blackberry Lemonade

Location: 1279 S Kihei Rd #309, Kihei
Hours: 8am-4pm daily

Maui Brewing Co.

Maui Brewing Co. has great lunch and dinner options as well as craft beer and brewery tours.
Recommendations: For beers, we suggest the Pineapple Mana wheat beer and Bikini Blonde lager. As far as food goes, their pizza and burgers were great!

Address: 605 Lipoa Pkwy, Kihei
11am-11pm daily, happy hour 3:30pm-5:30pm

Three’s Bar & Grill

Happy hour menu items at Three's Bar & Grill in Maui.
Happy Hour menu items at Three’s Bar & Grill

Three’s Bar & Grill has a great happy hour where you can enjoy a number of appetizers and inexpensive, yet delicious cocktails.
Recommendations: Three’s House Mai Tai, Kalua Pork Nachos, Coconut Crusted Fish Tacos, and the Hurricane Fries.

Address: 1945 S Kihei Rd, Kihei (in the Kihei Kalama Village area)
Monday-Friday 8:30am-10pm, Saturday & Sunday 8am-10pm, Happy Hour: 3pm-6pm, 9pm-10pm daily

Izakaya Genbe

Shrimp Tempura Udon at Izakaya Genbe in Maui
Shrimp tempura udon at Izakaya Genbe.

Izakaya Genbe is a small izakaya-style restaurant that has traditional Japanese cuisine. We loved it so much we went back twice!
Recommendations: Onigiri (Rice Balls), Tempura Udon, or Yakisoba.

Address: 1280 S Kihei Rd, Kihei
Hours: 5:30pm-10pm daily

Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice

Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice in Maui
Pina colada, banana, and wedding cake with a snow cap (back) and guava, lilikoi, and pineapple with fresh mochi (front).

Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice is one dessert stop you cannot miss while in Maui. The texture of the shave ice is so fluffy it’s almost like ice cream once mixed with the syrups that are made with real ingredients, nothing artificial.

Location: 61 S Kihei Rd, Kihei (There are also locations in Lahaina, Kahului, and Paia)
Hours: 10:30am-6:30pm daily

Places to Eat in Wailea

Monkeypod Kitchen

Monkeypod Kitchen is a farm-to-table restaurant that serves high-quality Hawaiian fare and specialty cocktails. Be sure to make a reservation!
Recommendations: Mai Tai with lilikoi foam, lobster deviled eggs, Kauai shrimp potstickers, Hamakua Wild Mushroom pizza or the Kalua Pork & Pineapple pizza.

Address: 10 Wailea Gateway Pl, Kihei
Hours: 11am-11pm daily, Happy Hours 3pm-5:30pm, 9pm-11pm

5 Palms Restaurant

5 Palms Restaurant is another dining we didn’t get the chance to visit during our 7 day Maui itinerary but it’s highly regarded for its scenic setting over the coastline of Keawakapu Beach and its fresh island fish menu items.

Location: 2960 S Kihei Rd, Kihei
Hours: 8am-2:30pm, 3pm-10pm daily

Lappert’s Hawaii

Lappert’s Hawaii has some of the yummiest and most well-known ice cream on Maui.
Recommendations: Luau Delight (Coconut and Passion Fruit), Kauai Pie (Kona Coffee Ice Cream, coconut, fudge, macadamia nuts, and vanilla cake), and Mini Peanut Butter Cup & Fudge

Address: 3750 Wailea Alanui Dr, Wailea
Hours: 9:30am-10pm

Our 7 days in Maui went by so fast but we left feeling so relaxed and full of the new experiences we shared there. We felt that Maui was the perfect place for those traveling as a family, looking for a romantic getaway or honeymoon, or even travel with friends. Until next time, Hawaii!

This 7-day Maui itinerary is full of things to do in Maui, where to stay, the best beaches, packing tips for Hawaii, and tons of great places to eat in Maui.


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    July 27, 2021 at 9:25 AM

    Thank you for this helpful post! Can’t wait to visit all of these places. Do you happen to remember where you got your dress for the luau? I love it!

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      Kallsy Page
      July 28, 2021 at 3:04 PM

      Hi Sara! I’m glad you found this post helpful. I actually bought my dress at Ross. I took a look at the tag and it says “Dream of Me” for the brand. I hope this helps! I hope you enjoy your trip to Maui and please let me know if you have any additional questions! 🙂

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    Alisha White
    October 29, 2021 at 3:59 PM

    This itinerary has been Extremely helpful!!! Thank you so much. I would like to add that we learned while we are here in Maui that if you are wanting to go to the black sand beach on your adventure to the road Hana you Need to make/pay for reservations days ahead of time. Thankfully we actually clicked on the link provided and were able to get our reservation. You have to pay per person and for parking. You can reserve multiple time slots to ensure you have more time to enjoy. I would like to suggest just adding that in the description to definitely click on your link to pay for entry 😉
    Currently on our way to the Pineapple tour!!!
    Thanks a million!

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      Kallsy Page
      November 29, 2021 at 8:27 PM

      Hi Alisha! Thank you for letting me know. When we last visited we didn’t have to make reservations (at least to my knowledge) so I will definitely update that. Hope you enjoyed the pineapple tour! Again, I appreciate your helpful information. 🙂

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    Go Wander Wild
    December 22, 2021 at 1:01 AM

    This Maui Itinerary is incredibly helpful. You’ve really thought through everything you need to know before planning a trip. Thank you for this helpful resource. Saving this guide for later!

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    January 16, 2022 at 2:57 AM

    Wow! What an amazing post! Thank you for sharing such a comprehensive guide on all things Maui. You made me realize I have much more to see.


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