Fun Things to Do in Bentonville, Arkansas – A Complete Travel Guide

The Momentary - things to do in Bentonville, Arkansas

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Things to Do in Bentonville, Arkansas – A Complete Travel and Dining Guide

To most people who don’t live in or near Arkansas, Bentonville is a city that might not be on your radar. This is somewhat funny because Bentonville is actually where the headquarters of Walmart is! However, upon arriving in Bentonville you’ll find no skyscrapers or even signs of big city life. Instead, you’ll find a collection of small cities and towns that make up the Northwest Arkansas corridor. 

Before you write off a trip to Bentonville or even Arkansas, let me also say that despite being a smaller area, it is booming with growth and tons of things to do that you’d expect to find in bigger cities. It’s just one of the reasons that this area of Arkansas is so special. In this guide, we’re introducing you to our favorite things to do in Bentonville, exceptional local restaurants in Bentonville, and other travel tips for Northwest Arkansas!

Where is Bentonville, Arkansas?

Bentonville is a small city in the northwest region of Arkansas that is also the city in which Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, set up Walmart headquarters. 

How to Get to Bentonville, Arkansas

How to Get to Bentonville by Car

If you live close to Northwest Arkansas the best way to get to Bentonville is by driving. There are a number of cities that are within easy driving distance from Bentonville.

  • Tulsa to Bentonville: 2 hours
  • Oklahoma City to Bentonville: 3 hours
  • Kansas City to Bentonville: 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Little Rock to Bentonville: 3 hours
  • St. Louis to Bentonville: 5 hours 20 minutes
  • Dallas to Bentonville: 5 hours 30 minutes

How to Get to Bentonville by Plane

You might be surprised to find out that Northwest Arkansas has a regional airport (XNA) that serves a number of non-stop flights from major cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, New York, Denver, Miami, and more. From XNA, you can rent a car and be in Bentonville within 15-20 minutes. 

Where to Stay in Bentonville, Arkansas

21c Museum Hotel Bentonville

Our favorite hotel in Bentonville is without a doubt, 21c Museum Hotel Bentonville. It’s in the perfect location right on the downtown Bentonville square so it is within walking distance from a number of shops and restaurants. Inside the hotel, you’ll find a chef-driven restaurant and bar, contemporary art museum, and pet-friendly sophisticated hotel rooms.

Airbnb in Bentonville

If you’re looking for a place to stay that is a bit more spacious or with family and friends then I suggest renting an Airbnb in Bentonville! There are a ton of unique options in great locations all over Bentonville, some also located on the square or within minutes from popular walking and biking trails in Bentonville.

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Things to Do in Bentonville, Arkansas

Because Walmart Headquarters are located in Bentonville, Walmart and the Walton Family Foundation (the family who owns Walmart) pour a lot of money and resources into the community making many unique spaces to enjoy. In addition to Walmart, J.B. Hunt and Tyson are two other large corporations that have headquarters in Northwest Arkansas adding to the funding for local arts, outdoor spaces, dining, museums, parks, and more. Here are some of our favorite things to do in Bentonville. 

Go Rock Climbing at Climb Bentonville

Climb Bentonville has over 16,000 square feet of boulder, lead, top rope, and kids climbing areas. There are also a number of fitness and yoga classes available for guests. One of the best things about Climb Bentonville is the various levels of climbs so anyone from beginners to more advanced climbers can enjoy the experience.

Location: 801 SW 14th St, Bentonville // MAP
Hours: Sunday 11am-6pm, Monday-Friday 12pm-9pm, Saturday 9am-9pm
Day Pass Starting at $17

Take A Backcountry Aviation Flight From Thaden Fieldhouse

Backcountry Aviation from Thaden Fieldhouse in Bentonville, Arkansas
Backcountry Aviation in Bentonville

We recently visited Thaden Fieldhouse for the first time and we are kicking ourselves for not going sooner. Not only is it located next to one of the Bentonville Parks and Lake Bentonville, but it also has a terrific brunch restaurant Louise at Thaden Field, and is the gateway to many unique things to do in Bentonville. You can even take flying lessons here!

Before we cover more of the Thaden Fieldhouse activities, I want to give you a brief backstory on Louise Thaden, who as you might have guessed, is who this small airport is named after.

Louise Thaden was remarkable! Among her many accomplishments, she was an American aviation pioneer, held numerous aviation records, was the first woman to win the Bendix Trophy for aeronautical racing, and was inducted into the hall of fame for the Arkansas Aviation Historical Society. As I said, she was remarkable and I’m pretty much obsessed with her now.

Fly Oz, which operates out of Thaden Fieldhouse, has backcountry aviation flights you can charter on 1-3 passenger planes to numerous destinations in Northwest Arkansas including Buffalo Outdoor Center in Ponca, Gaston’s White River Resort to go trout fishing, Trigger Gap Outfitters on the Kings River, and Byrd’s Adventure Center in Ozark.

If you’re looking for one of the most unique things to do in Bentonville, then this experience definitely takes the cake!

Location: 2205 SW I St, Bentonville  // MAP

Visit the Bentonville Community Center

Bentonville Community Center - things to do in Bentonville, AR

The Bentonville Community Center is an 80,000 square foot facility in Citizens Park. It features an indoor swimming pool and a leisure pool with water slides, a large gymnasium and fitness center, an indoor running track, locker rooms, lounges and banquet rooms, a kids center, and a small branch of the Bentonville Public Library. 

Although I think most of the people that utilize the Bentonville Community Center are local residents, you can get a day pass which is perfect for families with kids who are looking for an indoor place to visit during the winter months or hot summer days and they offer a number of terrific activities and events you can find on their calendar. 

Location: 1101 SW Citizens Cir, Bentonville // MAP
Hours: Monday-Friday 5am-7pm, Saturday 7am-7pm, Closed Sunday
$5 (resident day pass), $8 (non-resident day pass) per person

Explore the Scott Family Amazeum

Scott Family Amazeum - things to do in Bentonville

The Scott Family Amazeum is a multi-sensory art and science museum that is the perfect spot for families but I really enjoyed visiting too! Inside the museum, you can find a mini Walmart store, a climbable tree canopy, a human body exhibit, an art studio, and many other thrilling adventures.

One of my favorite exhibits in the Scott Family Amazeum is Hershey’s Chocolate Factory where you can do a number of experiments using Hershey’s candy including testing the buoyancy, density, and speeds of different chocolates and even chemical reactions. 

Location: 1009 Museum Way, Bentonville // MAP
Hours: 9am-11am, 12pm-2pm, 3pm-5pm daily (hours spaced for current guidelines and cleaning), closed Tuesdays
$10/person *Currently you must reserve tickets in advance in order to visit! 

Learn About Arkansas Native Lands at the Museum of Native American History

Museum of Native American History in Bentonville, AR

The Museum of Native American History (MONAH) is one museum in Bentonville that I haven’t yet visited and it is currently closed, so I can’t say that this information is from personal experience but it is definitely a place I am wanting to visit once they reopen. 

Before I begin telling you about this museum, I think it is important to begin with a land acknowledgment. The land that this museum and much of Northwest Arkansas is located on, is the ancestral lands home to the Quapaw, Caddo, and Osage people. In saying this, I want to show respect and honor by acknowledging the land ties to these tribes.

MONAH was established in 2006 by David Bogle, a registered member of the Cherokee Nation. Over the years he has collected over 10,000 Native American artifacts that are on display at the museum including his own private collection and others that have been donated or loaned to the museum for display and educational purposes.

The collections presented in the museum start in the Paleo Period around 12,000 B.C. to 8,000 B.C. and go up to the 1900s. There are also special exhibits featuring the Pre-Columbian Period in Mexico, Central America, and South America. Right now MONAH is closed, but they have a virtual tour you can experience on their website

Location: 202 SW O St, Bentonville // MAP
Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm *Currently closed
Free to visit

Immerse in Art at Crystal Bridges Museum

Crystal Bridges Museum of Art in Bentonville, Arkansas - things to do in Bentonville
Collection of art at Crystal Bridges

Out of the many things to do in Bentonville, Crystal Bridges Museum is by far one of the most special places to visit. This art museum was designed by Moshe Safdie, a world-renowned architect, and features an array of contemporary art in the indoor galleries and outdoor art spaces. The permanent collection at Crystal Bridges features pieces of art ranging from drawings, watercolors, sculpture, oil paintings, photography, and more. 

In the outdoor art spaces, you can find various art sculptures on the walking and bike trails but there are also a number of rotating art exhibits outside too. One of my favorites is the North Forest Lights which they’ve offered seasonally as an enchanting nighttime walk through the wooded trails. This exhibit has immersive soundscapes and light shows creating a multisensory experience. Needless to say, Crystal Bridges does a fabulous job of connecting guests to the harmony between art and nature.

Location: 600 Museum Way, Bentonville // MAP
Hours: Monday 11am-6pm, Wednesday-Friday 11am-9pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am-6pm, Closed Tuesdays
Free to visit (Special exhibits do require reservations and have entrance fees)

Tour A Unique Contemporary Art Space at The Momentary

"You Belong Here" at The Momentary in Bentonville, Arkansas

The Momentary is a new contemporary art and event space that is located in Bentonville. The main goal of The Momentary is to cultivate art and cultural experiences. It has rotating art exhibits, epic event spaces, an adorably pink Onyx Coffee location, and The Breakroom – where you can get a bite to eat. Before you leave, be sure to stop at the Tower Bar that has handcrafted cocktails and epic views.

Cocktails from the Tower Bar inside the Momentary in Northwest Arkansas.

Since its opening, there have been a number of rotating exhibits but my favorite so far is Nick Cave: Until which is a powerful installation that covers over 24,000 square feet featuring a stunning crystal cloud, colorful wind spinners, and antique memorabilia. But the initial beauty has a much deeper meaning.

Nick Cave: Until Exhibit at The Momentary in Bentonville - Things to do in Bentonville, AR
Nick Cave: Until at The Momentary

Once we took a moment to walk through the forest of wind spinners, we saw how the symbolism revealed itself and the art changed. The wind spinners contain images of guns, teardrops, bullets, and targets. At the end of the path, the massive crystal cloud felt heavy. Until examines gender, race, and gun violence in America specifically in regards to Black Americans, imploring visitors to think about the moment we’re currently living in and what the future may hold.

To me, art is something that conveys and brings emotion and while Until is no longer located at The Momentary, this contemporary art space always brings profound experiences and powerful messages through their carefully curated exhibits.

Location: 507 SE E St, Bentonville // MAP
Hours: Tuesday-Wednesday 10am-7pm Thursday-Saturday 10am-10pm,
Free to visit

Learn About Sam Walton at The Walmart Museum

The Walmart Museum in Downtown Bentonville - things to do in Bentonville, AR

The Walmart Museum may not be something you would consider when looking at things to do in Bentonville but it’s incredibly engaging. The Walmart Museum opened in 1990 to educate, engage, and inspire visitors about the history of Walmart.

At the Walmart Museum, you’ll also learn the legacy of Sam Walton from his beginning and stop by Walton’s 5 & 10 for some classic candies or games. After, indulge in an inexpensive treat, such as a Moon Pie Sundae, at The Spark Cafe.

Moon Pie Sundae from The Spark Cafe in Bentonville
Moon Pie Sundae from The Spark Cafe.

Location: 105 N Main St, Bentonville // MAP
Hours: 12pm-6pm daily
Cost: Free to visit

Visit & Shop the Charming Bentonville Town Square

The Bentonville Town Square, also referred to as downtown Bentonville is one of our favorite spots for trying new restaurants and shopping while also enjoying the small park area on a summer evening.

Downtown Bentonville has a terrific Farmer’s Market on Saturdays from 8:30am-1pm and another local block party event called First Friday during the first Friday of every month in the summertime. While you’re visiting the square make sure you pop over to 21c Museum Hotel Bentonville to view their free art gallery that has rotating exhibits.

A few of our favorite places in downtown Bentonville include:

  • Phat Tire Bike Shop: If you’re into biking we’ll cover more about the trails in Bentonville in a bit. But Phat Tire is a great place to get bike gear, tune-ups, and even rent bikes for the day if you don’t have your own with you.
  • Satori Road: One of the cutest plant shops! It’s a little pricey, but you know you’re getting a quality plant. Plus they have some of the best decor and planters too.
  • The Spice & Tea Exchange: This store is technically a chain but I love stopping in here for spices when I can’t get a hold of the ones I need online. 
  • Kyya Chocolate: A bean-to-bar chocolate shop that specializes in small-batch chocolate bars made from single-sourced cacao beans.
  • Once Upon A Time Books: This bookstore has a variety of used books in all different genres, time periods, and age groups.
  • Onyx Coffee Lab: Such great coffee and cute interior too!

Location: 100 N Main St, Bentonville // MAP
Hours: Hours vary by store and restaurant.
Free to visit

Visit the Rotating Exhibits at 21c Museum

I mentioned 21c above but I wanted to highlight it a little more. 21c Museum is a boutique hotel that has a chef-driven restaurant, The Hive, a full-service bar with specialty cocktails and mocktails, and a free contemporary art museum that is open to the public, not just hotel guests! Which I think is super cool. We often visit 21c to dine at The Hive or for a drink with friends and visit anytime there is a new exhibit.

Location: 200 NE A St, Bentonville // MAP
Cost: Free to visit

Read our full review of 21c Museum Hotel Bentonville

The Best Parks, Walking Trails, and Bike Trails in Bentonville

Bike Trails in Northwest Arkansas

Osage Park

Osage Park is a newer 55-acre aviation-themed green space in Bentonville located by Thaden Field and Lake Bentonville. As of now, it is still under construction, but when it is finished it will have free access to outdoor pickleball courts, multi-purpose lawns, a music venue, and a number of lake activities including fishing and kayaking. I know once this spot is finished it will be one of the most popular outdoor spots in Bentonville! 

Location: // MAP

Orchards Park

Orchards Park is one of the largest parks in Bentonville and it can be accessed by car or by one of the many walking and bike paths. It is surrounded by beautiful landscaping, a large pavilion, an amphitheater, and a large fountain. When we ride bikes we often stop at this park for a water break or have even enjoyed a picnic here. In the spring, this park also has a pretty flower garden to walk through and admire!

Location: 1100 NE John Deshields Blvd, Bentonville // MAP

Compton Gardens

Compton Gardens sculpture - things to do in Bentonville, AR

Compton Gardens is a set of trails in Bentonville that weave towards Crystal Bridge Museum. It is named after Dr. Neil Compton who was a physician and writer who had a passion for conservation and photographing the outdoors.

In his lifetime he founded the Ozark Society, an environmental organization founded to give organized resistance to the construction of dams on the Buffalo River in Arkansas. At Compton Gardens you can learn more about Dr. Compton by taking a tour of his home and walking or biking the breathtaking trails. 

Location: 312 N Main St, Bentonville // MAP

Razorback Greenway

The Razorback Greenway is nearly a 40-mile paved pathway that connects to multiple cities in Benton and Washington Counties with multiple stops on the way. Many people bring their bikes to Northwest Arkansas to ride the greenway but if you don’t have your own or didn’t bring your bike with you, you can rent a bike from one of the local bike shops such as Phat Tire or from the Bentonville Tourism Bureau.

Slaughter Pen Trail

Slaughter Pen Trail - things to do in Bentonville, Arkansas

Speaking of bike trails, Slaughter Pen Trail starts at Compton Gardens and spans over 30 miles north to Bella Vista. Bentonville was recently named the Mountain Biking Capital of the World, and this trail is by far one of the most popular. On the trail, you’ll see many bridges, buildings, and other structures for the beginner to the more advanced. 

Location: 203 NE 3rd St, Bentonville // MAP

Coler Mountain Bike Preserve

Another newer space in Bentonville is Coler Mountain Bike Preserve which features mountain biking trails, a multi-use trail for biking and walking, and an onsite open-air Airship Coffee. When you visit, it’s important to know that you will have to walk or bike to get to the camping sites and the coffee shop. But the path is wide and stroller and wheelchair-friendly. 

In addition to the outdoor seating areas, there are two refinished barn areas one with a platform for yoga classes or other events and the other with more open-air seating and climbing gym for kids. This space is really cool and I know because of its design and features it is going to be widely popular.

Location: NW 3rd St, Bentonville // MAP
Hours: 6am-10pm daily

Places to Eat in Bentonville


Pressroom - restaurants in Northwest Arkansas

Pressroom is located in Downtown Bentonville and is a brunch spot we enjoy visiting with friends because the environment is laid back and artsy casual and the menu has a variety of options.

I personally have enjoyed the Brunch Hash with potatoes, mixed veggies, and two eggs and the Southern Benedict with greens but lately, I’ve been eyeing the cider donut holes so I just need to save some room for my next visit! While we’ve only been there for brunch, we’ve heard they have terrific options for lunch and dinner too. 

Prices: $10-15
Hours: Sunday 9am-3pm, Monday-Friday 7am-10pm, Saturday 9am-10pm
Location: 100 NW 2nd St #100, Bentonville // MAP

Crepes Paulette

Crepes from Crepes Paulette in Bentonville, Arkansas
Sweet and savory crepes from Crepes Paulette.

Crepes Paulette offers a twist on authentic and fusion, sweet and savory French crepes. All of the crepes are made fresh-to-order and are even handheld which makes it the perfect to-go lunch or snack.

For savory crepe suggestions, we recommend the l’Épinard which has spinach, sharp cheddar, and egg or the Spicy Crepe with Black Forest ham, cheddar cheese, egg, and salsa. If you’re in the mood for something sweet la Foster with salted caramel, bananas, and cinnamon, or the fresh strawberry with nutella are two of the ones we’ve enjoyed so far.

Prices: $5-$10
Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-8pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am-4pm (restaurant location)
Location: 100 SW 8th Street, Bentonville // MAP

The Hive

I briefly mentioned The Hive in the section of things to do in Bentonville but now you’re going to hear more about it! This chef-driven restaurant is located inside the 21c Museum Hotel Bentonville and features many Southern cooking menu items prepared with local ingredients. Because of this the menu changes by season to keep up with the freshness of ingredients. 

I’ve had both breakfast and lunch at The Hive and enjoyed each time I’ve visited. For breakfast, the peach french toast is one of my all-time favorites that you might be lucky enough to have in the summer and the BMF Chicken on a Biscuit is another classic favorite.

Prices: $10-15
Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30am-2pm & 5:30pm-9:30pm, Saturday & Sunday 6:30am-2pm & 5:30pm-10:30pm
Location: 200 NE A St, Bentonville // MAP

Stone Mill Cafe

Stone Mill Cafe in Bentonville

Stone Mill Cafe is a great place to go for a quick lunch. Think of it as Panera (or St. Louis Bread Co., for my St. Louis audience) but with even fresher, more wholesome ingredients.

I typically order the Chicken Salad Supreme sandwich which comes on their homemade cranberry pecan bread (thank me later) or the West Coast Special which has smoked turkey, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and onion on their spinach feta bread.

As a bonus, all menu items come with chips and a freshly baked oatmeal cookie. If you enjoy their bread as much as we do, you can even purchase some to take home! 

Prices: $5-10
Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-7:30pm, Saturday 8am-5pm, Closed Sunday
Location: 2903 S Walton Blvd, Bentonville (Another location available in Fayetteville) // MAP

CO-OP Ramen

If you like ramen and are looking for something close to what you might find in Japan, CO-OP is a ramen spot we’ve really enjoyed. While their menu is limited, they do it well and have a few traditional dishes but some fusion ones too.

If you want to try something unique I suggest the Spicy Tori Paitan which has creamy chicken broth, soft boiled egg, kaarage (Japanese fried chicken), and some other toppings. But if you want to try traditional ramen then order the shoyu or shio tonkatsu ramen which has pork broth, chasu (grilled pork belly, soft boiled egg, and other toppings. Also, If you aren’t a fan of ramen then they also have rice bowls!

Prices: $10-15
Hours: Sunday 11am-8pm, Monday-Saturday 11am-9pm
Location: 801 SE 8th Street, Suite #31, Bentonville // MAP

Pho Thanh

Meal from Pho Thanh Vietnamese restaurant in Bentonville - best restaurants in Northwest Arkansas

Pho Thanh is a local restaurant that has generously portioned traditional Vietnamese dishes. My favorite menu items that I’ve had here so far are bun ga nuong and bun ga xao sa. Both of these are grilled chicken dishes with vermicelli noodles and vegetables. At some point, I want to try their hot pot dishes because they look amazing! 

Prices: $10-15
Hours: 10:30am-9pm daily
Location: 1204 S Walton Blvd, Bentonville (there is also a location in Fayetteville) // MAP

Sweet Freedom Cheese

Charcuterie board from Sweet Freedom Cheese in Bentonville, Arkansas
Charcuterie board and mimosas

Sweet Freedom Cheese is the perfect place to enjoy a quick lunch by ordering one of their grilled cheese sandwiches, but it’s also a great place for a night out. You can even order a charcuterie platter which is something we do often for date nights at home or when we have friends over.

One of the best things about Sweet Freedom Cheese is they offer free samples so you can try any of the cheese or meat options before you buy them. They also offer cheesemaking classes and cheese pairing experiences which we have yet to sign-up for, but that’s next on our list!

Prices: $5-20
Hours: Monday-Saturday 10:30am-8:30pm, Closed Sundays
Location: 801 SE 8th St #1, Bentonville (8th Street Market) // MAP

Roll & Fold

Roll & Fold, formerly Dough Zone specializes in popular street foods from many cities and countries in Asia. Most of the menu items are shareable or small bites meaning you can try a variety of things! My favorite menu item by far is the basil fried chicken so don’t miss out on that! Other menu items I’ve tried and enjoyed are the vegetarian dumplings, satay chicken with peanut dipping sauce, and coco-curry noodles.

Prices: $5-10
Hours: Monday-Saturday 11am-8pm, Closed Sundays
Location: 715 SW A St, Bentonville // MAP (They also have a location in 8th Street Market in Bentonville)

Yeyo’s El Alma de Mexico

Street tacos and burrito bowl from Yeyo's in Bentonville, Arkansas
Burrito bowl and street tacos.

Yeyo’s Mexican Grill has a menu inspired by the streets of Mexico, specifically Villa Jimenez where the Rios brothers (the owners) are from. It started with their dad’s garden which grew so large that they started up a food truck that instantly became a huge success and they still grow all of the produce on their farm not far from their restaurant which is SO cool.

We love so many of their menu items but our favorites are the street tacos and the burrito bowl with grilled chicken. I honestly am going to try to get their marinade secret from them because the chicken is SO GOOD. 

Prices: $10-15
Hours: Sunday 10am-4pm, Tuesday-Friday 11am-10pm, Saturday 10am-10pm, Closed Mondays
Location: 801 SE 8th St #41, Bentonville // MAP

Wright’s Barbecue

A variety of smoked meats and barbecue from Wright's Barbecue in Northwest Arkansas

Wright’s Barbecue is a laid-back barbecue joint with an assortment of smoked meats that are cooked on a wood fire pit. While their primary location is in Johnson near Fayetteville, they recently opened their second location in Bentonville. It has a small indoor setting area and an outdoor patio where you can enjoy your meal from. We have enjoyed the pulled pork, brisket, and pulled chicken with sides of mac & cheese and roasted veggies.

Prices: $5-20
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11am-7pm, Closed Sunday & Monday
Location: 208 NE 3rd St, Bentonville // MAP

Table Mesa

Table Mesa offers modern Latin cuisine with a wonderfully varied menu full of flavor. It is located on Downtown Bentonville Square making it convenient to locate if you’re there shopping or staying at 21c Museum Hotel Bentonville. Inside, you’ll be surrounded by reclaimed wood floors, rustic brick walls, comfy bar seating, and subtle lighting.

I’ve only visited Table Mesa for lunch so I’ve ordered lighter menu items to share with others like the Shrimp Lucy Quesadilla which has gulf shrimp, cheese, poblano sauce, and roasted corn, peppers, and onions. Another favorite of mine is the Butternut Squash Enchilada which also happens to be a house favorite.

Prices: $15-25
Hours: Monday-Thursday: 11am-9pm, Friday & Saturday: 9am-9:30pm, Closed Sundays
Location: 108 E Central Ave #10, Bentonville // MAP


Eleven Restaurant at Crystal Bridges Museum
Eleven Restaurant

Inside Crystal Bridges Museum you’ll find Eleven which offers Southern home-style cooking in a modern cafe setting. I’ve also only ordered lunch here, but I’ve heard in the evenings the casual lunch setting is often transformed into a more lux, romantic dinner setting perfect for business dinners or a romantic date where you might even need a reservation.

For lunch, I recommend the Signature Chicken Salad with green grapes, red onion, pecans, raisins, and honey-Dijon dressing, or the Ozark Niçoise Salad with bibb lettuce, new potatoes, radish, egg, and heirloom tomato with apple cider vinegar. Check back with me after I have dinner here!

Prices: $10-15
Hours: Sunday 11am-2:30pm, Monday & Saturday 11am-6pm, Wednesday-Friday 11am-9pm, Closed Tuesday
Location: 600 Museum Way, Bentonville (inside Crystal Bridges Museum) // MAP

Tavola Trattoria

Really close to Table Mesa, is their sister restaurant, Tavola Trattoria which is a bistro-style restaurant that has Italian and Meditteranean cuisine and a fabulous wine selection. The vibe of this restaurant is mellow, yet still posh enough for a date and many of the dishes on their menu can be served family-style.

I love a good salad when I go out to eat and the organic greens salad at Tavola Trattoria is by far one of my favorites. It has lightly fried goat cheese, grilled cantaloupe, prosciutto, and a balsamic reduction for dressing. It’s, as many say these days, *chef’s kiss*.

For entrees, I personally love the 2000 Year Anniversary Risotto that comes with shrimp, butternut squash, roasted pistachios, and garlic. But if you want to try a hearty pasta dish I recommend the Orecchiette Pasta that has grilled chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, asparagus, and dolce gorgonzola cream sauce.

Prices: $15-25
Hours: Sunday 11:30am-8:30pm, Monday-Thursday 11am-9pm, Friday & Saturday 11am-9:30pm
Location: 108 SE A St, Bentonville // MAP

The Preacher’s Son

The Preacher's Son restaurant in Bentonville, Arkansas - the best places to eat in Northwest Arkansas

The Preacher’s Son is also located on Bentonville Square inside a restored Gothic Revival church that is absolutely stunning inside. If you are looking for a place to enjoy a romantic meal or quiet evening, this is the place. All of the ingredients are sustainably sourced from local farmers and ranchers in Northwest Arkansas and the entire menu is gluten-free! Since the menu uses seasonal ingredients it does change often, so I recommend checking out their website to see what they’re currently featuring. 

Prices: $25-40
Hours: Sunday 10am-2pm, Monday-Friday 11am-2pm, 5pm-10pm, Saturday 5pm-10pm
Location: 201 NW A St, Bentonville // MAP

If you’re looking for more places to eat, check out our Northwest Arkansas Restaurant Guide!

From the many outdoor experiences, immersion in the arts, diverse restaurant scene, and more I hope we’ve been able to show you many of the reasons we love Bentonville and have encouraged you to come and visit one of the south’s coolest small cities.  

Bentonville, Arkansas is one of the best places to visit in Northwest Arkansas! This travel guide will cover things to do in Bentonville, places to eat in Bentonville, and other travel tips!

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