A Sweet Guide to Ice Cream in Japan

Japan Ice Cream

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The Best and Most Unique Flavors of Ice Cream in Japan

We sacrificed our waistlines and scoured all of Japan to bring you an EPIC post on where to find the most unique flavors and best ice cream in Japan. Since there were so many Japanese ice cream flavors to try, we didn’t have the chance to have ALL of them. But we think this list should help get you started when trying ice cream in Japan. We won’t judge you if you try each of the ones we’ve listed, so don’t be looking too harshly at us. 😉

Chocolate Orange Ice Cream

Chocolate Orange Ice Cream - Japan
Chocolate Orange Ice Cream

Where: Near Kumamoto Castle
Location: Kumamoto, Japan

After a three year hiatus of missing ice cream in Japan, we finally had a cone of orange vanilla soft serve in Kumamoto. This stand was located near Kumamoto Castle and they also had an orange and chocolate swirl flavor but we opted for the orange vanilla with the chocolate waffle cone! What we loved was the subtle hint of orange mixed with the creamy vanilla flavor.

Dessert Shakes

Dessert shakes from 10 Coffee Brewers - Oita, Japan
Dessert shakes from 10 Coffee Brewers

Where: 10 Coffee Brewers
Location: Oita, Japan

If you are looking for a different kind of ice cream in Japan, these dessert shakes from 10 Coffee Brewers in Oita will be right up your alley. Logan got an oreo cookie shake and I got a matcha chocolate shake. Not only were these shakes delicious, but they also looked pretty darn good too!

Tottori Pear Ice Cream

Tottori Pear Ice Cream - Japan
Tottori Pear (left) Strawberry (right)

Where: Tottori Flower Park
Location: Tottori, Japan

Pear flavored ice cream might now be in one of my top five flavors! It was so refreshing and was made with REAL pear juice. I only found this flavor in Tottori (probably because they are known for their fresh pears). So if you make the trek to Tottori don’t miss this flavor and overnight me some in a freezer box too. 😉

24 Karat Gold Ice Cream

24 Karat Gold Ice Cream in Japan
24 Karat Gold Ice Cream

Where: Hakuichi
Location: Kanazawa, Japan

If a city has gold candy, souvenirs, and even gold ice cream it’s safe to assume there is a story behind that right? Well, Kanazawa means “marsh of gold.” It was named Kanazawa after a potato farmer was digging for his crop and he suddenly saw flakes of gold wash up! Now there are a number of ice cream shops in the city that offers a vanilla ice cream cone with sprinkles of gold flakes AND a sheet of gold leaf carefully placed on top. There are a number of places that claim to have the authentic gold cone, but Hakuichi is the real deal.

Black Sugar and Plum Ice Creams

Plum and Black Sugar Ice Cream
Plum (left), Black Sugar (right)

Where: Near Nachi Falls
Location: Nachi-Katsuura, Japan

The black sugar ice cream is a popular choice in Nachi-Katsuura so we naturally had to get one of those. But, while we shared a lot of ice cream in Japan, we couldn’t pass up trying the plum flavor too (even though it wasn’t technically in season at this time)! The black sugar tasted similar to brown sugar or salted caramel with a low-key smoky flavor too whereas the plum was a bit tart! If you have to pick just one though, definitely go for the black sugar since it’s more well-known in this area. 😉

Pear Shaved Ice with Vanilla Ice Cream

Shaved ice with pear and vanilla ice cream
Shaved ice with pear and vanilla ice cream

Where: Kinokuni Fruit Village
Location: Wakayama, Japan

Wakayama has a ton of delicious fruit stands including Kinokuni Fruit Village on Wakayama Marina City. At the entrance of Kinokuni Fruit Village, there is a small stand that offers soft-serve ice cream and shaved ice. We got a shaved ice that was topped with pear juice to add flavor, fresh pears, and vanilla ice cream. The flavors were light but very refreshing. Be sure to sample all the other fruits while you’re there!

Matcha & Vanilla Parfait

A matcha parfait with layers of jello, ice cream, cereal, mochi, and a biscuit shaped like a deer from Cafe Chaka in Nara, Japan
Matcha parfait from Cafe Chaka

Where: Cafe Chaka
Location: Nara, Japan

Another way that you can enjoy ice cream in Japan is by indulging in an ice cream parfait. In Nara, Chaka is a cafe that specializes in tea, lattes, and ice cream parfaits. We were obsessed with the layers of matcha jelly, matcha cake, vanilla ice cream, frosted cereal, and toppings of matcha ice cream, dango, azuki (sweet red bean), and chestnut. But to add an extra element there is a freshly made biscuit on top in the shape of a deer, cause you’re in Nara!

Deer Biscuit Ice Cream

Ice cream cone with green tea and vanilla swirl ice cream and a biscuit shaped like a deer on top from Nara, Japan
Cafe Etranger Narad vanilla and matcha swirl cone.

Where: Cafe Etranger Narad
Location: Nara, Japan

As if there weren’t enough kawaii desserts in Japan, the cutest, handmade deer cookie lies on top of a matcha and vanilla ice cream is swirled ice cream. Though these are classic flavors, the deer cookie and the chocolate and candy dipped waffle cone make this Japanese ice cream extra special.

Hello Kitty Parfait

Hello Kitty Parfait in Himeji, Japan
Hello Kitty Parfait

Where: Cafe de Miki Hello Kitty
Location: Himeji, Japan

Being the huge Hello Kitty fan that I am I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit Cafe de Miki Hello Kitty while we were in Himeji. This parfait of vanilla ice cream with strawberry and raspberry puree was pure bliss. What made it even better was the adorable custard-filled daifuku on the side to complete this ever so sweet dessert set!

Matcha Parfait

Matcha Parfait in Japan
You can have your cake and ice cream with this yummy matcha parfait!

Where: Itohkyuemon
Location: Uji, Japan

More matcha, please! Uji is an area in Kyoto, which is known for its tea. So after visiting Byodoin Temple, we couldn’t resist getting another matcha parfait after trying one in Nara. This parfait is one we’re honestly still dreaming about. There is smooth vanilla ice cream with layers of matcha jelly and matcha ice cream with even more matcha in the swiss roll cake placed on top. Yes, if you’re wondering, it IS amazing that we made it out alive! 😉

Charcoal Ice Cream

Charcoal Ice Cream in Japan
Charcoal Ice Cream

Where: Owakudani Kurotamago Kan (Owakudani Valley)
Location: Hakone, Japan

As you can probably tell, we couldn’t get a great photo of the charcoal ice cream from Owakudani Valley. Because OH. MY. GOSH. TYPHOON WINDS BE LIKE…  *cue whooshing effect*. To be honest, we almost didn’t make it to Okakundai Valley in the first place, wind speeds plus ropeway don’t add up well. But, we’re glad we made it because this charcoal ice cream was definitely unique with the charcoal cookie pieces added on to a chocolate and vanilla swirl. Be sure to get some of the black eggs while you’re there too, they’re said to add seven years to your life!

Lavender Ice Cream

Lavender Ice Cream
Lavender Ice Cream

Where: Near Lake Kawaguchi & Nakafurano Lavender Fields
Location: Fujikawaguchiko & Hokkaido

Before you ask, no lavender ice cream doesn’t taste like soap – when done properly! We tried lavender ice cream in two different places while in Japan. The first was in Fujikawaguchiko (Mt. Fuji area) near Lake Kawaguchi, the other being in Hokkaido, Logan’s motherland. Both were exceptional but had slightly different flavors. The one in Fujikawaguchiko had a lighter, yet more artificial lavender flavor. But the lavender ice cream in Hokkaido was more creamy and had a stronger lavender flavor, plus it was made with REAL lavender from the fields there.

Wasabi Ice Cream

Wasabi Ice Cream
Wasabi Ice Cream

Where: Daio Wasabi Farm
Location: Azumino City, Japan

One thing I never thought I’d get to say is we went to one of Japan’s largest wasabi farms and sampled allllllll the wasabi things, including the wasabi ice cream. Wasabi ice cream might sound, you know… terrible, but guys we couldn’t pass up the opportunity and we are SO glad we tried it. It was surprisingly amazing and although you could taste the wasabi it was very light and there was no kick though it did make our lips tingle. If you’ve ever tried chili and mango it kind of has the same effect.

Matcha and Vanilla Gelato

Matcha and Vanilla Gelato in Japan
Matcha & Vanilla Gelato

Where: Near Matsumoto Castle
Location: Matsumoto, Japan

Gelato? In Japan? I know and we can’t compare it to the real stuff found in Italy but this was still pretty dang tasty. The owner of this small cafe makes the gelato fresh and scoops it out heavily for a side-by-side treat! We ordered the matcha and vanilla flavors.

Edamame Milkshake

Edamame Milkshake in Sendai, Japan
Edamame Milkshake

Where: Zunda Saryo
Location: Sendai, Japan

So, yes… we understand that an edamame milkshake sounds pretty terrible, but you wouldn’t even know that it was edamame if we didn’t tell you! This milkshake is quite famous in Sendai which makes it completely necessary if you are visiting. It’s creamy, nutty, and topped with a sugary edamame paste that they also put on their signature edamame mochi.

Fresh Apple Sorbet

Apple sorbet in Aomori, Japan
We selected two different flavors of apple sorbet one sweeter, the other tart.

Location: Aomori City, Japan

Aomori is Japan’s apple prefecture so it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing when they make apple desserts. We had tons of apple pies, some better than the ones we’ve had in the U.S.A – yep I said it, and we also tried some of the apple sorbet from A-FACTORY.

A-FACTORY is a market that has everything apple available from apple sweets, juices, beers, wines, and more so it’s the perfect place to grab some souvenirs for home too! We tried two different apple sorbets all made from fresh Aomori apples. To be honest we can’t remember which sorbets we selected but they let us try them all and decided to do one that was sweeter and the other a bit more tart. Whatever you decide, you can’t go wrong!

Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream

Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream (chocolate and vanilla swirl)
Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream (chocolate and vanilla swirl)

Where: Yamanaka Dairy Farm Otaru Shop
Location: Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido milk ice cream is something that all ice cream lovers should try before they die. It really should be a non-negotiable. The ice cream in Hokkaido is so creamy and delicious that we couldn’t help but eat as much as we could while we were there. Before you try all the fun flavors that Hokkaido has to offer, you’ll definitely want to try some of their regular milk ice cream to get the full effect.

Hokkaido Melon Ice Cream

Lavender and Melon Ice Cream
Lavender (left), Hokkaido Melon (right)

Where: Tomita Lavender Fields
Location: Nakafurano, Hokkaido, Japan

We already mentioned the lavender ice cream we tried in Hokkaido back when we talked about the lavender we had in Fujikawaguchiko, but one other ice cream flavor to try in Hokkaido is melon! Typically when we get a melon in the states they are super watery without a lot of flavor, but not in Hokkaido. The melons here are INCREDIBLE and juicy. So think about that all added to yummy ice cream!

Sunflower Ice Cream

Sunflower Ice Cream
Sunflower Ice Cream

Where: Hokuryu Sunflower Farm
Location: Hokuryu, Hokkaido, Japan

We have a thing for flower fields and we, fortunately, got to see a lot while in Japan. One of those being the Hokuryu Sunflower Farm where you can take tractor rides, take photos in designated spots, and eat yummy sunflower ice cream. The farm here takes harvested sunflower seeds, crushes them up and then prepares them inside vanilla ice cream for a fun texture and nutty flavor.

Mixed Berry Baumkuchen Parfait

Mixed Berry Baumkuchen Parfait - Ice cream in Japan
Mixed Berry Baumkuchen Parfait

Where: Shiroi Koibito Park
: Nishi, Hokkaido, Japan

More parfaits! Shiroi Koibito is known for their thin, wafer-like cookies with chocolate in between each layer but man do they also know how to make a great parfait. They took a frozen glass and layered it up with strawberry puree, cool whip, baumkuchen, berries, vanilla and chocolate twist ice cream, and topped it off with one of their signature cookies. It was the perfect treat to enjoy after visiting this interactive, sweet museum.

Orange Liqueur Ice Cream + Mini Glasses of Liqueurs to Add!

Orange Liqueur Ice Cream
This ice cream experience was definitely the COOLEST.

Where: Milk Mura
Location: Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

This was probably our favorite ice cream experience while in Japan because it was downright ADORABLE. Milk Mura can be hard to find but you’ll know once your there. The door outside alerts you that it’s Christmas year-round here and the inside is no different. The lights are dim but complete with twinkle lights. This place was so cute I honestly got teary-eyed. Yep, you read that right, I almost cried over ice cream.

Once you’re seated you’ll pay for the set which comes with 2-3 liqueurs to drizzle on top of your ice cream which is homemade vanilla with orange. Once you’ve eaten your first mug, order up one more cause it’s no charge and you deserve all the ice cream in Japan you can get, especially in Hokkaido. P.S. Each person has to order their own set – there is no sharing here, but you wouldn’t want to anyway! 😉

Cherry and Lemon Ice Creams

Cherry Ice Cream in Japan
Cherry Ice Cream

Where: Near Kegon Falls
Location: Nikko, Japan

For our last day in Nikko, Logan rented a Japanese sports car and drove us to some of the windy roads and waterfalls in Nikko. Kegon Falls is easily one of our favorite waterfalls now and after visiting we were pretty hungry but knew that it was that awkward time where we were thinking “to eat, or not to eat, that is the question!” So, what did we do? Got ice cream.

Lemon Ice Cream in Japan
Lemon Ice Cream

In a small unnamed stand right outside Kegon Falls there were three flavors of ice cream, cherry, lemon, and sakura. We wanted to get the sakura flavor but we were told it was seasonal (sad day!) so we opted for one of each, cherry and lemon. The lemon tasted like a lemon cream pie on a cone, while the cherry was the perfect balance of tart and sweet.

8 Layer Ice Cream

8 layers of ice cream from Daily Chico in Tokyo, Japan
8 layer ice cream from Daily Chico

Where: Daily Chico
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Daily Chico is a little off-the-beaten-path considering it is in the “outskirts of Tokyo” but if you want to try 8 flavors of ice cream in one (I mean shouldn’t that be a bucket list item?) then Daily Chico is your place. The flavors change daily so you never know what you might get but they’re all tasty! Our flavors this day included green tea, banana, ramune, Hokkaido melon, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry (from bottom to top).

Watermelon Ice Cream Sandwich

A slice of watermelon with watermelon soft serve inside the middle from Dominque Ansel Bakery Tokyo
Watermelon ice cream sandwich

Where: Dominique Ansel Bakery
Location: Tokyo, Japan

We’ll be honest, this ice cream wasn’t fantastic. Watermelon ice cream sounds great right? But instead, it was watery with very little flavor. I think it would have been better had they done a watermelon sorbet, but alas Dominique Ansel Bakery isn’t known for ice cream. We found out that this ice cream is more for looks than for taste. Our advice? Stick to what they do best, the pastries!

Update: We recently found out that Dominique Ansel Bakery closed its Tokyo location. So you’ll have to visit one of the other locations instead!

Boujee Ice Cream

Hand holding ice cream cone from Eddy's Ice Cream in Tokyo
Eddy’s Ice Cream

Where: Eddy’s Ice Cream
Location: Harajuku (Tokyo)

I’m sure by now you’re probably wondering if ice cream in Japan can get any more unreal. Oh yes, it can. Eddy’s Ice Cream goes a step up by adding cookies, chocolates, and even cereal covered chocolate designs. If the ice cream isn’t adorable and hashtag extra enough, you’ll also enjoy how cute the store is itself to make your Instagram dreams come true.

Melon Pan Ice Cream Sandwich

Matcha filled ice cream sandwich in Tokyo
Matcha filled ice cream sandwich

Where: Kagetsudo
Location: Tokyo, Japan

On the busy Nakamise Shopping Street in Asakusa, a neighborhood in Tokyo, you can get two of our favorite Japanese sweet treats in one! Freshly baked melon pan, a sweet bread, filled with matcha or vanilla soft serve ice cream. One thing is for sure, this ice cream sandwich will blow your mind!

Vanilla Elephant Ice Cream

Elephant shaped Ice Cream Cone - Japan
How cute is this elephant ice cream!?

Where: Zounohana Cafe
Location: Yokohama, Japan

So after seeing Eddy’s Ice Cream this vanilla cone could be considered a bit boring, but I couldn’t help myself after seeing one transformed into an elephant’s darling face and I’m kind of wondering why this hasn’t happened even more?!

Shiroi Black Thunder Blizzard

Shiroi Black Thunder Blizzard - Ice cream in Japan
Shiroi Black Thunder Blizzard

Where: McDonald’s Japan
Location: Tokyo, Japan (other locations carried this as well)

McDonald’s isn’t usually on the list for us, but whatever the seasonal blizzard is should be a consideration when making your ice cream choices. Black Thunder is a popular candy in Japan and it is added to a blizzard only one time every year but there are also other blizzard flavors to try that are unique to Japan!

Halo Halo

Where: Ministop
Location: Many locations in Japan

Halo Halo is a shaved ice dessert that is traditionally Filipino. It contains shaved ice or frozen fruit, and soft-serve ice cream. You can find it at Ministop, a convenience store chain that is located in many different cities in Japan. It has become very popular and has a few flavors so be sure to enjoy one of these refreshing treats during the summer in Japan.

Vending Machine Ice Cream

Where: Most ice cream vending machines in Japan
Location: All over Japan

Of course, we had to get ice cream from a vending machine while in Japan! It’s actually pretty popular to get ice cream or milk to drink after spending some time in a Japanese onsen or to just enjoy on its own. This Hershey’s ice cream bar was like an ice cream cone on the outside with rich, chocolate ice cream on the inside.

Coolish Ice Cream Pouch

Coolish Ice Cream Pouch - Japan
Coolish Ice Cream Pouch

Where: Any konbini such as 7 Eleven, Lawson, or FamilyMart
Location: Anywhere in Japan

Last but not least is the prized gem of ice cream in Japan, Coolish. These straight-up saved us from the summer heat during our three months in Japan and I’m not sure why these don’t exist in the States… anyone? It’s basically a juice pouch but instead of juice, there’s yummy ice cream inside. I’m pretty sure we downed at least 10 of these on our trip.

Other unique flavors of Japanese ice cream to try: Tofu, miso, squid ink, soy sauce, purple sweet potato, and sweet corn!

If you’ve made it this far in the post and didn’t keel over in a sugar coma, congrats! Obviously, there are a TON of flavors of ice cream in Japan and we didn’t even scratch the surface. Now we’re ready to go back and try the sakura flavor in the spring!

Japanese ice cream is out of this world delicious! This guide will show you the places to find the most unique ice cream flavors in Japan.
Japanese ice cream is out of this world delicious! This guide will show you the places to find the most unique ice cream flavors in Japan.


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