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  • Momigi Suspension Bridges (樅木吊橋) - Gokanosho, Japan

    Gokanosho, A Hidden Samurai Village in Southern Japan

    When I hear the term “hidden gem” I typically assume that a place is a less-visited place, but typically not “hidden.” However, when we visited Gokanosho (五木五家荘県立自然公園), hidden gem had a…

  • Yanagawa River Cruise

    Yanagawa River Cruise

    Yanagawa is a perfect day trip from Fukuoka, which is why we also made it our first stop on our Japan road trip. It is a small town in the Fukuoka…

  • Japanese style private onsen at Nishimuraya Hotel Shogetsutei - Kinosaki Onsen ryokan

    A Quick Guide to Japanese Onsen Etiquette

    Japan is known for a lot of unique things - delicious cuisine, capsule hotels, historic temples and shrines, tea ceremonies, and breathtaking scenery just to name a few. But another thing…

  • Bandoko Garden in Wakayama, Japan

    Wakayama City Guide

    We spent two days in Wakayama City during our three months in Japan and honestly, I wish we could have had even more. There are tons of cultural experiences, divine foodie…