33 of the Coolest Street Art Murals Around The World

RiNo Mural in Denver - coolest street art

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The Coolest Street Art Around the World

Over the past few years, graffiti and street art installations have been popping up all over major cities and small towns everywhere! Here you’ll find 33 of the coolest street art murals that you can find across the world!

1. “California Dreaming” by Ricardo Gonzalez

Los Angeles, California, USA

The installation is a 10-15 drive from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and The Grove! Not to mention, some delicious restaurants including Versailles and Republique. coolest street art

California Dreaming mural - coolest street art around the world

Submission & photo by Trisa Taro, The Free Passport
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2. “House of Cards” by Chemis

San Nicolas, Aruba

Also nearby the Van Renselaerstraat Art Walk sip a Boozer Colada at Charlie’s Bar, a legendary watering hole that was founded in 1941 and is filled with memorabilia.

House of Cards mural in Aruba

Submission & photo by Michele Peterson, A Taste for Travel
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3. Mahane Yehuda Market Murals by Solomon Souza

Mahane Yehuda Market – Jerusalem, Israel

The Mahane Yehuda Market is fascinating during the day when you can stroll the stalls and take in all the wonderful sights and smells of the food stalls. It’s especially fun to watch the action on Friday mornings during the pre-Shabbat shopping frenzy. When the market stalls are closed in the evenings and on Saturdays, walk around and admire dozens of portraits of market stall owners and VIPs, all painted by Solomon Souza on the closed shop shutters.

Mahane Yehuda Market Murals by Solomon Souza - coolest street art!

 Submission & photo by Rachel Heller, Rachel’s Ruminations
Experience the beauty of Israel

4. Unknown

Bangkok, Thailand

This is a small park in the heart of Bangkok. The colorful street art caught our eyes while we were on our way to the MBK center. You can catch an exciting game of sepak takraw here, a game played by the locals.

Street art in Bangkok, Thailand

Submission & photo by Gokul Raj, Plan Save Travel
Browse around Bangkok with Plan Save Travel

5. Three Brothers Coffee Mural by DCXV

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

While in Nashville stop over for a cup of joe at Three Brothers Coffee, a swanky urban coffee joint that also offers this interesting alleyway mural! Nashville is full of some of the coolest street art in the United States.

Street art outside Three Brothers Coffee - Downtown Nashville attractions
Street art outside Three Brothers Coffee.

Submission & photo by Logan & Kallsy, Pages of Travel
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6. “Greetings From Pensacola” by Ashton Howard & Evan Levin

Pensacola, Florida, USA

Pensacola, FL is a melting pot of cultures in the Southern USA. A stroll downtown Palafox, through the neighborhood of East Hill, or on 17th Avenue will lend to beautiful street art. My most recent finding was in historic East Hill, located off 12th avenue. There was an eye-catching postcard mural on the side of a building. coolest street art

East Hill is known for its charm and eclectic ventures. I recommend stopping by City Grocery to pick up your wine or craft beer before eating at Tacos Mexicanos food truck. This food truck offers fresh corn tortilla tacos, rice, and black beans at a reasonable price. Afterward, stroll South on 12th and you will see this fabulous mural along with vintage cars, Kissing Booths, and new shops being constructed.

Greetings From Pensacola" mural by Ashton Howard & Evan Levin

Submission & photo by Maegan White, The Wanderlust Dietitian

7. “Girl with stool and birdcage” by Ernest Zacharevic

Ipoh, Malaysia

Be part of Heritage Trail – Art of Old Town Ipoh starts from the historic railway station and takes you to Birch Memorial Clock Tower, built-in 1909 in memory of James WW Birch, Perak’s first British Resident, who was assassinated in Pasir Salak on 2nd November 1875. You can also visit the Old Town Coffee Shop to sample one of the most popular coffees in Malaysia.

"Girl with stool and birdcage" by Ernest Zacharevic - coolest street art in Malaysia

Submission & photo by Swati & Sam, The Tales of a Traveler
See more of the art in old town Ipoh

8. “See No Evil” by Mr. Wany

Nelson Street, Bristol, England

Apart from wandering through the lanes of Bristol admiring hundreds more awesome works of street art, I recommend heading to the harbor. The area is always full of activity with art and exhibition spaces, cafes, pop-up festivals and events, and other interesting attractions.

See no evil - coolest street art mural in Bristol, UK

Submission & photo by Jen Seligmann, The Trusted Traveller

9. “I Love You So Much” Artist Unknown

Austin, Texas

Apparently, a chica scrawled this on her ex-lover’s shop wall after they broke up. The street art is at So Co, a long street full of cute shops, hipster bars, and a variety of restaurants. Castle Hill graffiti park is also quite close!

I love you so much wall in Austin, Texas - coolest street art in the world

Submission & photo by Gemma Armit, Two Scots Abroad
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10. Mauerpark Murals

Berlin, Germany

This awesome piece of street art can be found at the Mauerpark in Berlin, Germany. Every Sunday there’s a cool flea market next to the park (Mauerpark Flohmarkt). The market is busy and with the live performances in the park, it has a lovely festival vibe, especially on sunny days. There’s one wall where graffiti artists can display their work. It’s an ongoing process, new art every time you visit!

Mauerpark Murals in Berlin, Germany - coolest street art around the world

Submission & photo by Lisa van den Berg, Flip Flop Globetrotters
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11. Inkfam by BobD

Cape Town, South Africa

Woodstock, one of Cape Town’s oldest suburbs, has in recent years seen a dramatic transformation from a run-down place known for crime and drugs to a trendy neighborhood renowned for its vibrant street art. In 2009 a street art project began, with the goal to change the neighborhood through aesthetically pleasing, socially conscious murals. Now tourists flock to the neighborhood to take a street art walking tour with the movement’s founders and enjoy a coffee or locally-made chocolate in the Neighbourgoods Market, which opened at the Old Biscuit Mill in 2006.

Inkfam mural by BobD in Cape Town, South Africa

Submission & photo by Christine Knight, Adventure Baby!
Feast your eyes on more of Woodstock area in Cape Town.

12. Sloth Mural by Andy Herod

Foundation Walls River Arts District – Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Nearby you can tour the many working studios in the area, drink a craft brew at one of the local breweries in the area (Wedge at Foundation is amongst the street art) or skate at the local volunteer skate park!

Sloth Mural by Andy Herod - Asheville coolest street art

Submission & photo by Paige Wunder, For The Love of Wanderlust
Seek out more top things to do in Asheville

13. Canadian Guides

Midland, Ontario, Canada (Corner of King & Elizabeth Street)

This mural was illustrated in honor of the Girl Guides of Canada and their contribution to the town. After, visit the Miss Midland Cruise which takes travelers to the Gateway of the 30,000 Islands on Georgian Bay – A beautiful picturesque area of Ontario. Locals have nicknamed Midland and this area of Ontario as “God’s Country” for its beauty, wildlife, and tranquility.

Canadian guides coolest street art mural in Ontario

Submission & photo by Janine Good, Fill My Passport
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14. RiNo Mural by Rather Severe

River North Arts District – Denver, Colorado, USA

In many Denver neighborhoods, you’ll find blocks upon blocks of the coolest street art provided by detailed artists. Many of them tell a story or will grab your attention with their vibrant colors. While in the area drive over to Voodoo Donut or Ice Cream Riot for a sweet treat.

RiNo Mural in Denver - coolest street art

Submission & photo by Logan & Kallsy, Pages of Travel
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15. Princess Leia & R2-D2 Mural

Rua da Alfândega, Lisboa – Lisbon, Portugal

After viewing this piece, head into Alfama, Lisbon’s old quarter, and listen to a Fado show. This is traditional Portuguese music, which is a soulful and incredibly powerful form of music. There’s nothing in the world quite like it!

Princess Leia & R2-D2 Mural in Lisbon, Portugal

Submission & photo by James Cave, Portugalist
See why James thinks Lisbon could be the next Berlin

16. Belfast Murals

Northumberland Street – Belfast, Ireland

Belfast has some absolutely fantastic street art. You can visit the Belfast Murals via one of the Belfast City Tour buses, through one of the famous black cab tours, or by walking through the streets. As I was traveling solo, I first took the Belfast City tour so I could become acquainted with the area. I then returned on-foot another day to revisit some of the murals that really jumped out at me.

My very favorite street was Northumberland Street, where 2 of my favorite murals are located. The colors, the history, and the impact they made on me were second to none, and the photos I took of the murals remain some of my all-time favorite travel photos. Belfast is a wonderful city, with plenty to do in-and-around the area, and I highly recommend it!

Belfast Murals in Northern Ireland - coolest street art

Submission & photo by Lindsay Mickles, The Neverending Wanderlust
See what else to do on a weekend in Belfast!

17. “Multi-coloured Woman’s Face” by Hopare

Hollywood Road, Central and Sheung Wan, Hongkong (China)

Hopare’s striking piece of street art is located in a busy part of the city that is well lit, so you can still take in the mural, even after dark. However, it is best viewed during the day, when you can enjoy browsing through the antique stores and galleries on your way to Tank Lane. The Hollywood Galleries is particularly popular with visitors and is just two minutes from the mural.

While you are there, take the time to visit the Man Mo Temple, which is one of the island´s oldest temples. A tour around this quirky building offers you an insight into a side of Hong Kong that you rarely get to see. The temple is only a five-minute walk away from Hopare’s iconic mural. Afterward, treat yourself to lunch at the 238 Restaurant. This buzzing eatery has an amazing menu that includes dishes inspired by the cuisines of Spain, Holland, Italy, France, and other European countries.

"Multi-coloured Woman's Face" by Hopare in Hong Kong

Submission & photo by Chris Brown, Victoria Harbour

18. Charleston Hat Man – Artist Unknown

Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage from Palmetto Carriage Works is tons of fun, and you get to see this mural if it happens to take you through Zone 1! coolest street art

Charleston Hat Man - coolest street art

Submission & photo by Carole Terwilliger Meyers, Travels With Carole

19. John Lennon Wall

Prague, Czech Republic

Street art is my favorite kind of art and I always seek out the coolest street art in a new city. One of our favorite pieces in the John Lennon Wall in Prague. Since the 1980’s it’s been decorated with John Lennon inspired graffiti, hence where it got its name. The wall is constantly changing with art from day today. We always stop by for photos when off hitting up our favorite things to do in Prague. Nearby is the Charles Bridge which is a must, go early in the morning to avoid crowds.

John Lennon Wall in Prague

Submission & photo by Hannah Lukaszewicz, Getting Stamped

20. Media Noche Flamingos by Fnnch

San Francisco, California, USA

This art is located in front of a restaurant, Media Noche that has really delicious food and drinks (and super cute decor)! It is in the Mission district, which is a super fun, lively neighborhood with lots of amazing restaurants and bars. Some of my favorite things to do that is within a few blocks: hang out at Dolores Park on a sunny day, grabbing ice cream at Bi-Rite, lining up for morning buns at Tartine, checking out the street art at Clarion Alley, grubbing on pizza at Pizzeria Delfina, and enjoying Peruvian tapas and Sangrias at Limon Rotisserie.

Media Noche Flamingos mural in San Francisco

Submission & photo by Caroline Ikeji, Pictures and Words
See more of the best walls in San Francisco!

21. “City Man” by Phlegm

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto is one of those great cities chalked full of street art. From Graffiti Alley to Underpass Park, you can find street art all across the city. But one of my favorite pieces is an epic one in Mid-Town by one of the world’s top street art artists, Phlegm. Located just west of Yonge Street on St. Clair Avenue is ‘City Man’.

You’ll have to look way up, as it’s on the side of a tall building. ‘City Man’ is a massive black and white piece in the shape of a crouching man. But the intriguing part is that the man is made up of all of Toronto’s iconic landmarks and its diverse neighborhoods. And if you’re looking for something to do nearby, head over to Meow Cat Cafe for a latte and some cute cat cuddles!

City Man mural in Toronto - coolest street art in the world

Submission & photo by Stephanie Mayo, The World As I See It
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22. “Protectress” by Mata Rude

Kiev, Ukraine

The fact that 8-story-high murals are splashed all over the high rises of Kiev may surprise you, but in truth, the Ukrainian capital is a city-wide scavenger hunt for impressive street art. With nearly two hundred murals, Kiev has everything from pink giraffes to portraits of famous Ukrainians to psychedelic retellings of history. But one of my favorites is on a quiet side street, just off the chaotic bustle of Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square). coolest street art

It’s a depiction of Berehynia, a Slavic goddess, surrounded by Ukrainian sunflowers. Painted by Mata Rude, “Protectoress” lingers near Maidan, the site of so much activism, tragedy, and hope in Ukraine, a reminder of the indomitable Ukrainian spirit. From Maidan, you can visit the memorials to the Ukrainians killed in the Euromaidan Revolution, slip into the reverential quiet of St. Michael’s Monastery, or climb the bell tower at UNESCO site St. Sophia – of course, keeping your eyes open for more murals at every corner!

Protectress mural in Kiev

Submission & photo by Amy Butler, The Wayfarer’s Book
Check out Amy’s 5-hour DIY Kiev street art tour to get a glimpse of Kiev’s whimsical art!

23. Hummingbird Mural by Mary Lacy

Burlington, Vermont, USA

While exploring Burlington Vermont we stumbled on this large hummingbird mural. It made my day to find such a great piece of art and not even be looking for it. This beautiful ruby-throated hummingbird was painted by Mary Lacy, it lives at the corner of St. Paul and College Street.

Burlington, Vermont is a great town to wander and explore in a relaxed artsy town. Visit the many shops, explore downtown or take a bike ride with views of Lake Champlain. Work up an appetite to visit The Farmhouse Tap and Grill for a delicious farm to table meal with numerous craft beer options. Burlington Vermont is a great New England town that will welcome you to explore and visit often.

Hummingbird street art mural in Vermont

Submission & photo by Cathy Merrifield, Nothing But New England

24. Hosier Lane Murals

Hosier Lane, Melbourne, Australia

Hosier Lane is perhaps the primary spot for street art in Melbourne. It’s conveniently located next to Federation Square in the heart of the city, which means there are plenty of places to see nearby.

The lane is essentially an open canvas, it’s constantly changing and any artists can freely add their art over existing pieces! Hosier Lane is undoubtedly one of the best places to see in Melbourne!

Hosier Lane street art murals in Melbourne

Submission & photo by Tom Stevenson, The Travelling Tom
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25. Unknown by Beastman & Vans the Omega

Murray Street Carpark, Perth, Western Australia

Here in Australia, it is Melbourne that is renowned for street art, but Perth is catching up. In fact late last year Perth was ranked #4 in the world behind Lisbon, New York, and Melbourne.

Wandering down alleys and behind an inconspicuous building in Perth, you can discover some of the most vibrant street art. Unique murals now transform unpretentious walls with bursts of color and life.

Perth City Council has been commissioning local and international street artists since 2008 and it is now clear to see that the cultural scene is flourishing. These public works of art are reshaping the streetscape, enriching the pedestrian experience, and turning our streets into open-air art galleries.

Coolest street art in Perth, Australia

Submission & photo by Lyn Baker, A Hole in my Shoe
View more of Perth’s street art!

26. “Meanwhile in Bentonville” by Bottle Rocket Gallery

Bentonville, Arkansas, USA

What might seem like a sleepy small town, Bentonville is actually full of surprises. There is a whole new world of classy dining places, posh coffee shops, adorable boutiques, and even The Walmart Museum.

Meanwhile Mural in Bentonville, Arkansas

Submission & photo by Logan & Kallsy, Pages of Travel

27. “Etnias” by Eduardo Kobra

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In preparation for the 2016 Rio Olympics, São Paulo graffiti artist Eduardo Kobra painted a massive mural in pursuit of the Guinness World Record for the largest public mural. The piece is called Etnias, which means “ethnicities” in Portuguese. It can be found along the Boulevard near the Museum of Tomorrow which is also worth a visit when in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Etnias mural in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Submission & photo by Nicole LaBarge, Travelgal Nicole
Check out more of these top things to do in Rio.

28. Unknown

Newtown, Sydney, Australia

Newtown is an eclectic and vibrant inner-city suburb of Sydney. With plentiful cafes catering to every taste, sitting and “people watching” will keep you busy when you’re not searching for the plentiful street art which is spread across the suburb.

Newtown mural in Australia - coolest street art

Submission & photo by Leah Smileski, The Kid Bucket List

29. Unknown

AC/DC Lane, Melbourne, Australia

Check out the other street art locations in Melbourne including Hosier Lane, Duckboard Place, and Union Lane. Take yourself on a self-guided Melbourne Street Art Tour! coolest street art

Gorilla Street art mural in Melbourne

Submission & photo by Vicki Garside, Make Time To See The World

30. “Brother and sister having fun on the swing” by Louis Gan

George Town, Malaysia

George Town is one of the most interesting colonial cities to visit in Malaysia. Apart from the cool street art, it’s famous for the city is famous for its cuisine, and the best thing you can do is to check out some of the great food courts in the area.

George Town, Malaysia - coolest street art

Submission & photo by Gábor Kovács, Surfing the Planet

31. Panda Mural by Brand Fury One

M50 Art Street, Shanghai, China

This is where all of the latest, cutting-edge creativity and art installations in Shanghai are going to be found. Head into the M50 area to see some really thought-provoking exhibitions and pieces. On your way there, you’ll find street art on either side near the canal and it’s changing consistently as new artists show up! coolest street art

Panda coolest street art mural in Shanghai

Submission & photo by Alice Nettleingham, Teacake Travels
See more of the m50 street art in Shanghai!

32. Audrey of Mulberry by Tristan Eaton

Little Italy, Nolita – New York, New York, USA

After an afternoon of checking out other street art gems and the area, grab a bite at fast-casual Italian spot, Sosta (Mott) or old school Italian restaurant Emilio’s Ballato (Houston), where celebs like Billy Joel are known to frequent. Don’t miss cocktails on the patio at Sweet & Vicious (Spring). Also check out the other street art in Nolita nearby neighborhoods like John Lennon (Spring Street) or Where’s Waldo (Kenmare). Before you go, caffeinate up at La Colombe (Lafayette).

Audrey on Mulberry coolest street art in New York City

Photo & submission by Chris Dolce Castillo, Dolce Does Travel
Experience more Nolita street art here!

33.”City of Tulsa” by MTAYLOR

Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma has recently become a charming and posh place to enjoy shopping, dining, and concerts. The street art installations here have been an added plus to the colorful city vibes! coolest street art

City of Tulsa mural in Oklahoma

Submission & photo by Logan & Kallsy, Pages of Travel
Venture more in the charming city of Tulsa, Oklahoma

Where have you seen some of the coolest street art?

If you're a fan of street art then you'll love this list of places with the coolest street art found all around the world!


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